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Investor Relations Strength Ranking
What is the Investor Relations Strength Ranking (IR150)? as of 15 Apr 2010

The Asian Banker IR150 is the second annual study that assesses the quality and strength of commercial banks’ investor relations in gaining investor’s confidence and attracting investor dollar. The IR150 is the most comprehensive industry evaluation to date on investor strength. The survey comprises of three different rankings: the first ranks the top 150 banks by financial performances, the second by investor relations services, and the third by a composite score based on financial performances, investor relations services, and relative total shareholder return.

Which banks are in the IR150? as of 15 Apr 2010

150 Banks from Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand, and Vietnam are analysed in the IR150. In future, we may consider banks from additional countries should their size increase. We do not include Central Banks, policy banks or finance companies in the IR150. The focus is on commercial banks and bank holding companies.

What is our survey methodology? as of 15 Apr 2010

The IR Scorecard is used to evaluate banks on both a country and regional basis. It consists of 3 dimensions, i.e. financial performance, investor relations services, and relative total shareholder return. Only in very few areas size does matter. Most of our indicators are standardized figures, and we allow a fairly equal playing field between large and small banks. Bank annual reports and data collated by established industry databases provide our main sources. We also conduct primary research on the quality of board, information disclosure and quality of investor relations department. Performance figures, if not otherwise stated, pertain to end of last available financial year.

Evaluation Scorecard as of 12 October 2009
Dimension Weight Parameter Indicator
Financial Performance 33.3% 25% Profitability ROE
ROE Improvement
ROA Improvement
Cost/Income Ratio
Cost/Income Ratio Improvement
25% Asset Quality NPL Ratio
NPL Ratio Change
Loan Loss Coverage
25% Liquidity Loan/Deposit Ratio
Liquid Asset/Deposit Ratio
25% Capital Adequacy Tier 1 CAR
Total CAR
Common Equity/Asset
Investor Relations Services 33.3% 16.6% Information Disclosure Website has up-to-date biz operations
Website has up-to-date financial statements
Website has up-to-date press release
Website has up-to-date shareholding structure
Website has up-to-date organizational structure
Website has up-to-date corporate group structure
Website has up-to-date annual report to download
Website has notice to call shareholders' meeting
16.6% Financial Result Reporting Financial reporting frequency
Time the bank takes to report financial results
16.6% Strength of IR Department Separate IR department
Number of dedicated IR officers
IR contact info
Biggest equity/rights issue/preferred share raising activity in last 2 yrs
16.6% Response to Queries Time for the bank to respond to information requested
Completeness of info requested
16.6% Independent Directors % of independent shareholders
16.6% Transparency of Board/Remuneration Disclosure of director nomination procedure
Disclosure of directors annual remuneration
Disclosure of CEO annual remuneration
Disclosure of board meetings and attendance
Disclosure of risk committee meetings and attendance
Numerical limits on multiple directorships
Disclosure of CEO shareholding
Disclosure of each director's shareholding
Whether proxy voting is allowed
Shareholder Return 33.3% 100% Shareholder Return Relative total shareholder return
Composite Score 100%

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