Saturday, 15 June 2024

Maybank launches goal-based investment with minimum starting at $200

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Maybank Singapore (Maybank) has expanded its digital portfolio of services with the launch of Goal-based investment (GBI).

This new online investment service empowers customers to define their financial goals, assess their risk appetite and simulate investment plans which best suit their needs through Maybank’s digital channels.

Building on its mission to humanise financial services, Maybank is enabling customers to kickstart their investment journey from $200 – one of the lowest minimum investment amounts in unit trusts among banks in Singapore, to make online investments more accessible on the go.

The GBI addresses the increasing demand for online investment solutions designed for specific financial goals such as retirement savings, funding education expenses, wealth generation and building a passive income stream. It offers a comprehensive suite of features to make investing simpler and more rewarding. Through its risk-profiling questionnaire, customers can easily ascertain their investment profiles and invest from a diverse range of unit trust funds. The GBI is a smart investment service on Maybank’s 24/7 online banking channels - Maybank2u online banking or the Maybank2u SG (Lite) app.

Alvin Lee, Maybank country CEO said: "As we want to make digital banking more seamless and to empower customers to grow their wealth, GBI supports the ambitions of investors as we reduce the hassle and complexity of investing for them. By providing an effective low-cost investment solution, customers can get started on their self-directed investment journeys to build their investment portfolios with tracking tools right at their fingertips anytime and anywhere.”

Customers can create and track their set goals, and have the flexibility to top up their investment through lump sum top-ups or opt for regular subscription plans through monthly deductions from their bank accounts. From now till 30 June 2024, the sales charge on the first $2,000 invested will be waived.


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