The Asian Banker Wednesday, 24 July 2024

Digital Push

Stand out from the hundreds of fintechs and banks vying for the attention of investors, clients and users today. We are your one-stop-multiple-media-and-platforms-shop, much better than using a public relations company to coordinate your entire digital marketing in these interesting times.

Profile Interview

Profile or Interview your founder/chairman/CEO on issues of the day and published in The Asian Banker’s print and digital media, with photographs, quotes from the founder(s)/leaders and a description of core product proposition and business model as part of the written article.


We will include your leader as a guest on a RadioFinance group interview on a “business question” topic disseminated widely on Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud and Podbean and our own platforms (no product selling please).

Viral Video

One TAB Viral Video – containing a short off-the-cuff comment from the founder(s)/leadersof your organization (approx.1-3 min)and disseminated widely via social media and mobile marketing. You will love this video and viral it to your mom and clients.

Press Release

One Press Release (we will edit it for effectiveness) on your letter head we will send to a selectionof 10 publications in the region (publication is entirely at their discretion).

Target Audience

We will give you guaranteed 50 to 100 Email/LinkedIn qualified contacts acquired from targeted audience from the digital activities above.

*Markets targeted include All of Asia, China, Middle East and Africa.

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