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Creating a stable bank amidst a challenging operating environment

Finance Sri Lanka 2019

Key dialogues on digitisation, financial inclusion, payments, open banking, customer experience, and risk management International speakers and experts to share best practices and present case studies Interact with more than 100 local senior bankers and industry specialists
Workshops on Innovation in Finance and Callibrating your Digital Strategy Roadmap Financial innovation showcase presided by the International Innovation Council of Finance Sri lanka

The financial services industry in Sri Lanka is in the midst of a revolution. Traditional players today are facing rapid and irreversible changes across technology, customer behaviour and regulations. The sheer scope and speed of evolution in these three areas – coupled with changing market dynamics and aggressive non-bank competitors – means the industry in the future cannot simply be a continuation of traditional banking as it has been. With only 19% of the population living in urban areas, the financial institutions are facing the challenge of transitioning from conventional to digitally driven banking services due to lack of customer inclination.

Understanding what is shaping the industry and how to optimise your strategy in response, is crucial in crafting a sustainable competitive advantage. The fintech scene in Sri Lanka is up-and-coming, presenting new models of financial inclusion to the industry through collaboration and cooperation with the conventional providers of finance.

Sri Lanka’s financial services industry has continued to manage its risks prudently while maintaining a comfortable level of liquidity and capital, and ensuring credit quality. And as per World Bank, the country is transitioning from a predominantly rural-based economy towards a more urbanized one, oriented around manufacturing and services.

And it is with this positive news that The Asian Banker is pleased to announce the inaugural Finance Sri Lanka 2019 Conference. This leading annual conference is designed not just for traditional financial institutions like banks and insurance companies, but also for disruptors and related players. The exchanges during the event will help update the leaders and decision makers with the latest ideas from key influencers on transformational issues shaping the financial services industry in Sri Lanka.


Creating a stable bank amidst a challenging operating environment

Rethinking customer experience in the digital economy

Going cashless – The digitisation of payments and steps towards financial inclusion

Dealing with the vulnerabilities and how to keep business safe

Embracing disruption and preparing for the future

The International Innovation in Finance Council for Sri Lanka

Who will attend?

With an audience of over 100 senior executive bankers, start-ups,unicorns,
and international experts, the attendee profile will consist of:

CEOs, business heads, and senior executives handling retail banking, wealth management, credit cards, and consumer credit who need to keep abreast of the latest banking technology and strategies

Senior executives running the operations, technology, systems, and methods of financial institutions who need to gain insights into the business side of retail banking, insurance, asset management firms, and private equity firms

Senior executives who are working on risk management, controls and, business development

Regional managers, branch managers, heads of marketing and distribution who need to expand their skill sets in a changing world


Dr Indrajit Coomaraswamy
Governor, Central Bank of Sri lanka

Dr. Indrajit Coomaraswamy has been the Governor of Central Bank of Sri Lanka since July 4, 2016... Read more

Thomas McMahon
CEO, Dillon Gage Asia; former CEO and MD, Singapore Mercantile Exchange.

Thomas McMahon has over 30 years of experience in international... Read more

Steve Monaghan
Chairman and CEO, GenLife.

Steve Monaghan is Chairman and CEO of GenLife, a Silicon Valley based start-up in which AIA... Read more



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