Thursday, 20 June 2024

Vendor Selection Report

Independent Vendor Selection Report

The Asian Banker Research team will prepare an Independent Vendor Selection Report to be used by your potential customers as an independent assessment of your product and its suitability for their needs. The report will be to compare your business to that of your peers and industry benchmarks.

The Vendor Selection Report involves interviewing a range of people including your founders, your product managers, your potential clients, your other clients (if any), your competitors. The final deliverables will comprise the following:

The TAB Investor Audit Report is a well researched 6-8 pages report with the following Table of Contents:

Introduction and Basic

Introduction and Basic Description of Your Client’s Business Goals for this product, including a map of the key decision makers and factors that will influence their decisions (the report is primarily for your client to use internally).

Market and Competitor profileand checklist

We will research and publish our own assessment of the options that your client would have been considering, including competitors and alternatives.

Product profileagainst client’s own Tender Requirements

We look at your product(s) features and write our own performance benchmarks for your product against your prospective client’s own internal benchmarks

Business projection analysis

We will project your potential business impact into the next three years based on the market in which they operate

SWOT analysis

We finally state our own SWOT analysis based on all the elements above.

Vendor Selection recommendation

A one paragraph statement that captures your strongest points for the benefit of your potential client.

A PowerPoint slide deck version of the above report.

One TAB Viral Video – containing a short off-the-cuff comment from the founder(s)/leaders of your organization (approx. 1-3 min) and disseminated widely via social media and mobile marketing. Short videos give a visual impact of the persons behind the business and their ideas.

Sample Videos