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The Asian Banker 300
2007-2008 Edition

In 2007, the region’s largest banks resumed the party they started in 2004. Weathering the global financial storm triggered by the US subprime meltdown in the second half of 2007, the 300 largest banks in Asia Pacific managed to increased their aggregated net profit by a stunning 37.5% to $162.5 billion. This growth rate in the bottom line figure was nearly six-fold that of 2006 (7.8%). Profitability was driven by strong growth in core businesses supported by robust macroeconomic growth in most countries, and also thanks to banks’ ongoing efforts to increase their cross selling of fee-based products. The Middle East’s financial industry is seeing a transformation. Consolidation is starting to happen, highly capitalised banks are being set up and listed, and Islamic finance continues to grow rapidly.

The 2008-2009 edition contains the following contents:

1. The Asian Banker Strongest Banks
2. Asia Pacific Largest Banks
2.1. Asia Pacific Largest Banks
2.2. Greater China Largest Banks
2.3. South East Asia and South Asia’s Largest Banks
3. Asia Pacific Strongest Balance Sheets
3.1. Asia Pacific Strongest Balance Sheets
4. Asia Pacific Banks Performance Rankings
4.1. Largest Profit
4.2. Largest Growth in Profit
4.3. Largest Growth in Loans
4.4. Largest Growth in Deposits
4.5. Highest Return on Assets
4.6. Highest Return on Equity
4.7. Lowest Cost to Income Ratio
4.8. Highest Non-Interest Income Ratio
4.9. Lowest Gross NPL Ratio
4.10. Highest Capital Adequacy Ratio
5. Systemic Indicators
6. Previous Issues of AB300
6.3 2006-2007 Edition
6.4 2005-2006 Edition

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