Digital Finance Leadership Programme

29 July-2 August 2019 | United Kingdom


Digital Finance Leadership Programme

29 July-2 August 2019 | United Kingdom


“Design your own digital journey and instincts as a leader”

Coursework, discussions and site visits
In one of the world’s most innovative financial centres

In today’s increasingly competitive environment, the ability to harness disruption and innovation requires a special combination of skills and instincts as well as an interpretation of the trends shaping our world. The winners will be those who can leverage the changing rules for their own decisions.

Since 2016, The Asian Banker’s unique five-day Digital Finance Leadership Programme has been training a steady flow of decision makers in financial institutions from across many developing economies in Asia, Africa and the Middle East to hone their leadership skills in a digital world.

The programme combines teaching, mentoring, site visits and personal interactions with industry leaders, disruptors and outstanding personalities in search of answers to some of the most difficult questions which leading executives face today.

This program will also help you in developing the skills to make the right decisions and to steer your organisation through the uncertainties in the digital economy.

The key skills that you will achieve in this programme are:

  • Learn to read global and industry trends accurately
  • Understand your own changing balance sheet
  • Define your competition
  • Map your own digital journey
  • Plan your own infrastructure and resources
  • Measure your desired goals


Some of the key questions you will answer are:

  • What are some of the guiding principles in the fast-changing trends I see taking place today?
  • How should I read all the different people I meet in the digital world? The innovators, investors, regulators, technologists I come across and what do I learn from each of them?
  • How should I read the performance of my own business in a digital world?
  • What are some of the achievable goals I should set myself and my organisation?


Be inspired by disruptive thinkers and founders of London’s most successful players 

The city of London, called by some as “the financial centre of the world”, is led by very progressive regulators and has a diversity of players shaping the future of the financial services industry today.

The City hosts some of the most successful financial technology (fintech) innovators worldwide: Payments start-ups, peer-to-peer (P2P) lending marketplaces, online investment service, forex start-ups, as well as digital challenger banks and neo-banks, to name a few.

High-street banks are spearheading their own digital journeys by setting up open innovation accelerators, new branch concepts and customer experience labs.

With significant support from the UK government through R&D tax breaks and programs designed to foster growth, London provides a suitable platform for the greatest experiments in pushing the financial services industry towards its technology driven future.

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Anchored by a world class faculty and supported by a range of players you will meet in the course of five days

Capture Emmanuel Daniel

Emmanuel Daniel
Chairman, The Asian Banker


Dr. Nick Dove
Director, John Howell & Co

Jaspar Roos
Chief Inspiration Officer, Limpid & Co

David Gyori
CEO, Banking Reports


Leadership and Business Models in the Digital World

Innovation as a Competitive Weapon

Cooperation and/or competition with fintech companies

Outstanding Examples of Breakthroughs from some of the World’s Leading Financial Institutions

Ongoing revolutions taking place in the delivery of payments, credit, transaction services in the UK

Rethinking cybersecurity in the age of Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning

The role of regulators in fostering an innovative environment

How do I develop a transformational map for my organisation?

The view of the funders of financial revolution – the venture capital (VC) and private equity firms – Where do they see the unicorns of tomorrow?

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