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Video: Creating an integrated market where banks collaborate with each other for customers’ needs
Date: Dec 05, 2016   |   Author: Foo Boon Ping   |   Co-published
The heads of transaction banking from a number of leading banks in Asia Pacific – Deutsche Bank, BDO Unibank, PT Bank Mandiri, Maybank, and Canadia Bank - share their views on key developments that are transforming the industry and their businesses.
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IFRS 9: A convergence between accounting and risk management
Date: Dec 02, 2016   |   Author: Sam Ahmed   |   Research Note
The International Financial Reporting Standards 9 is a forward-looking model that will force the finance and risk departments of various financial institutions to determine how expected losses will arise during the lifetime of the loan. However, the road towards its full adoption by January 2018 appears to be a tough one.
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Interview transcript: "We are just getting through the first era of fintech"
Date: Dec 01, 2016   |   Author: The Banking Conversation   |   Interviews
Lawrence Wintermeyer, chief executive officer of Innovate Finance, an independent not-for-profit membership association representing UK's global fintech community, speaks about the future of the financial technology ecosystem.
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Relooking the transaction banking value proposition
Date: Nov 30, 2016   |   Author: Foo Boon Ping   |   News Analysis
The combination of slowing global economic growth, record low interest rates, increasing costs of regulatory compliance, and pace of financial disruption that demands greater investments is making many transaction banks relook their business propositions and operating models.
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Interview Transcript: “We are a blockchain agnostic”
Date: Nov 29, 2016   |   Author: The Banking Conversation   |   Interviews
Jesse Chenard, founder and chief executive officer of MonetaGo, believes that collaboration and not competition between players will drive the success of blockchain technology.
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Creating ripples in payments
Date: Nov 28, 2016   |   Author: Neeti Aggarwal   |   Case Study
Ripple is progressing from proof of concept to a unique rules-based blockchain payment network.


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