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Pintec’s Li spearheads the corporate business to help its partners achieve digital transformation

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By The Asian Banker

Victor Li has led Pintec to make significant progress in its domestic and overseas businesses. He spearheaded the launch of innovative solutions and acted swiftly and decisively during the pandemic to enable the company to support its partners and affected communities.

  • Li’s expertise and vision helped propel Pintec’s growth in domestic and overseas markets
  • He launched innovative solutions and promoted digital technologies
  • His leadership has enabled Pintec to support its partners and affected communities during the pandemic

Singapore, 29 July 2021– Victor Li, chief executive officer at Pintec, was recognised for Innovation Leadership in China at The Asian Banker Leadership Achievement Awards Virtual Ceremony 2021.

Li’s expertise and vision helped propel Pintec’s growth in domestic and overseas markets

Li, who has more than 20 years of experience in creating and commercialising cutting-edge technologies, has led Pintec to expand its domestic and overseas businesses. He enabled the company to make significant inroads in Southeast Asia, Australia and North America. The platform provider has cooperated with 200 financial and commercial institutions that led to digital transformation in financial services. It helped the institutions achieve business expansion with enhanced competitiveness.

He launched innovative solutions and promoted digital technologies 

In 2020, two innovative solutions, the Credit Value Maximiser (CVX) and Robot Process Automation (RPA), were launched. The CVX, an enterprise credit management platform, has helped its partners to upgrade credit process management and grow the financial services business.  

Pintec established an RPA innovation centre in Shanghai in April 2020 and has formed strategic partnerships with renowned international RPA giants such as Automation Anywhere and Blue Prism. The company developed and deployed a customised RPA for a global top-ranked stock exchange that reduced labour requirements from six hours to one-and-a-half hours, improved timeliness of data, eliminated process error, and reduced daily labour costs by 85%.

Li said, “We ensure our solutions are developed for the future of finance rather than the short term, and to better connect end-users with businesses and financial partners”.

His leadership has enabled Pintec to support its partners and affected communities 

Pintec played an important role in assisting financial institutions in their digital transformation efforts amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Li has made swift and decisive moves to adjust the company’s strategy, roll out the initiatives, and launch an RPA implementation plan that enabled Pintec to have a clear business development direction and strong technological capabilities. His strategy proved useful not only for the company but also for its partners during the period of uncertainty. 

He also led Pintec in providing technical support for its partners. His other initiatives involve optimisation of technological systems, the introduction of measures to support struggling small and medium-sized enterprise customers, and the opening of a customer service green channel for COVID-19 patients.

Li in his acceptance speech said, “The challenges presented in this new era will not stop us, but rather, give us the motivation to accelerate the journey of digital transformation. We made tough decisions during this difficult time, to be more focused and to adapt to market and regulation changes. We are always a strong advocate that technology must service businesses, not the opposite”. 

For video of the Leadership Dialogue and Leadership Achievement Awards Virtual Ceremony, please click here.

About Innovation Leadership Achievement Awards

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We seek to recognise distinguished executives whose vision, efforts, and commitment inspire and champion the innovation that are already well regarded by peers in the industry. It also

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The programme is predicated on the following belief – “Leadership in innovation is demonstrated by the ability to execute a well communicated vision as an innovation champion, by inspiring and leading a strong team, with courage and passion in overcoming specific adversities in order to deliver a solution that has the potential to disrupt the market and achieve a strong and sustainable business performance”.

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