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Innovation Leadership Achievement in Thailand goes to Wanna Noparbhorn, Managing Director of National ITMX

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By The Asian Banker

As the managing director of National ITMX in Thailand since 2005, Wanna Noparbhorn has made a considerable impact in the industry. Under her exceptional leadership, National ITMX experienced remarkable growth and became a pioneer in the country’s payment and financial infrastructure landscape.

Noparbhorn spearheaded the creation of PromptPay, a real-time fund transfer system that attracted 70 million registrations. She has also played a pivotal role in developingPromptBiz, a digital payment and financial infrastructure for businesses that integrates commercial, payment and tax data.

Under her leadership,the linkage of PromptPay and Singapore’s PayNow real-time retail payment systems was also established. The cross-border transfer service gained significant acceptance among retail customers and small businesses in both countries for its convenience, speed, and safety.

Because of the National ITMX’s advanced capabilities, ithas been selected as the Asian Payment Network (APN) hub for connecting payment systems and facilitating international transfers among 12 countries. This accomplishment reflects the trust placed in the company’s robust and secure platform, adhering to international standards.

Her unwavering commitment to cybersecurity is evident through investments in cutting-edge technologies that comply with global information security standards.

In addition to payment infrastructure, the strategic vision of Noparbhorn has led to the expansion into business infrastructure. This includes initiatives on a trade document registry system, a national digital trade platform, and digital supply chain finance solutions. These platforms use blockchain to enhance efficiency, transparency, and risk mitigation in international trade and financing.

For her visionary approach and unwavering dedication to innovation,the award for Innovation Leadership Achievement in Thailand goes to Wanna Noparbhorn, Managing Director of National ITMX.

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