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ADCB achieves 100% increase in fully automated transactions

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By The Asian Banker

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank’s (ADCB) trade finance process automation with new innovations has reduced manual data entry and enhanced dashboard and reports to monitor all customer requests.

  • ADCB partnered with Newgen Software Technologies to improve operations and customer experience
  • The process automation created business impact on time savings 
  • It streamlined process management in a single platform 

Singapore, 25 August 2021 Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank and Newgen Software Technologies were recognised for Best Process Automation Implementation in the Middle East at The Asian Banker Middle East and Africa Technology Awards 2021.

ADCB’s process automation improved workflow, application tracking and cost savings

Technology and Innovation: ADCB partnered with Newgen Software Technologies to improve operations and customer experience 

ADCB and its IT partner Newgen Software Technologies came up with a project that automates workflow process for all trade finance products. It improved customer’s turnaround time through better service to process more business volumes in an acceptable time. It provides real-time transaction monitoring through dashboards/reports. The technology implementation is an event-driven intelligent business process management architecture. The process uses application programming interface (API) for integration with any channels and three-tier architecture with an agile development framework. Exchange-to-exchange (E2E) automated process eases end-users, avoiding manual data entry in multiple systems and helps customers get their service on time.   

National Bank of Egypt (NBE) showed a strong financial performance with a 40.53% revenue growth and 3.8% return on equity (ROE). Emirates NBD showed stronger capabilities compared with other players in digital journey. Its digital usage continues to rise with over three-quarters of its customers digitally active and 96% of all transactions are digital or done outside the branch.

Business Impact: The process automation created business impact on time savings 

With the comprehensive features, there has been a 100% increase in fully automated transactions and it substantially impacted business such as time savings at 22 hours and cost savings at AED 45,000 ($10,891.7) per month. Customer base has grown and operational full-time equivalent was reduced. Manpower requirement has decreased while customer satisfaction improved. 

Scope and Business Case: It streamlined process management in a single platform  

The overall process and customer service have been implemented such as auto working creation for all customer transaction requests, reduced manual data entry done by the operation team and proper audit trail has been added. Customer service improved with real-time transaction status update in pro-trade. It enhanced digital customer communication, referral response, shipment tracking and status check.

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