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Vietcombank launches eKYC to allow customers to open accounts anywhere within minutes

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By Vietcombank

Vietcombank has launched an eKYC function that assists customers to open accounts anywhere at any time, avoiding waiting time at transaction counters

Electronic know-your-customer (eKYC) is a key solution for banks to improve customers experience and simplify banking procedures. Amid COVID-19 complications, eKYC also helps to minimise physical interactions and protects customer health and safety.

Recently, Vietcombank implemented the eKYC solution to verify and authenticate bank account holder’s identity quicker and safer than with traditional methods.

Previously, in order to open a bank account, customers needed to register and verify their information at transaction counters. With the eKYC solution, customers only need to download the “Vietcombank” app on Appstore/Google Play, enter the phone number, upload an ID photo and t give face authentication. The account will be registered and opened within a few minutes.

New bank accounts are registered on Vietcombank’s mobile banking app, VCB Digibank, allowing customers to make online transactions of up to VND100 million ($4,350) per month. Customers can increase this limit by visiting a Vietcombank transaction counter.

Vietcombank online account is only for customers who are from 18 years old and have Vietnamese nationality, legally residing in Vietnam.

Opening a bank account via the eKYC service is convenient for busy customers, especially for customers living far away from transaction offices. Moreover, e-KYC promises to bring a new experience to young, tech-savvy customers. In addition, customers can absolutely enjoy free of charge if they want to choose to have their bank account number match their phone number. The system will give notification if their chosen account number is available.

“0 fee” transactions

With VCB Plus account package added automatically to your online bank accounts, customers can experience “0 fee” for both transfer within bank and domestic funds transfer transactions. Especially, Vietcombank will waive three months of fee of VCB Plus account package for all customers opening online bank accounts. Afterwards, customers will only need to maintain an average monthly balance of minimum VND 4 million ($176) to continue enjoying services without surcharge.

Beside VCB Plus account package, customers can choose three others account packages such as VCB Eco, VCB Pro and VCB Advanced. Customers will be exempted from paying Visa card issuance and management fee or Visa Platinum issuance and management fee if choosing the VCB Pro or VCB Advanced account package. In addition, if using VCB Advanced account package with Visa Platinum card, customers can make global payment transactions and receive cash back 0.3% of the transaction amount, but not exceeding VND 5 million ($220) for each quarter.

Variety of features and services on VCB Digibank

In addition, customers can also experience a variety of features and services on VCB Digibank. Customers can easily perform diverse financial transactions such as payment, mobile top-up, opening online savings accounts, bill payment, QR-Pay, online booking movie tickets and hotel rooms, train/bus/flight ticket, online shopping, and many other services.

VCB Digibank also supports users to withdraw money by QR code at listed ATMs quickly and easily. Customers can withdraw money through the “Cash withdrawal by QR code” on VCB Digibank app without using a card.

If customers want to use the card, they can apply for a domestic debit card (Connect24) or an international debit card (Visa/Mastercard) while opening online account and receive the card later at the transaction counters.


From 1 June to 31 July 2022, customers will be able to participate in the “Open online account – Super promotions” programme when opening an online account. Customers can win lucky draw prizes like a saving book worth VND1 billion ($43,500) and 100 savings books worth VND 5 million ($220). In addition, the first 10,000 customers who open online accounts each month will receive VND100,000 ($4.35) on their account. The total prize of the programme is up to VND 3.5 billion ($152,170).



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