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The future of finance and innovation in Riyadh and Saudi Arabia

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Banque Saudi Fransi leaders Millaniyage Nuwan Perera and Ali Najim Alkhamis stressed Saudi Arabia's strategic initiatives toward economic diversification, infrastructural investment, and trade digitalisation. They emphasised Riyadh's economic transformation potential and goal to become a global financial, entertainment, and cultural hub.

In a recent dialogue with Banque Saudi Fransi’s Millaniyage Nuwan Perera, head of global transaction solutions, and Ali Najim Alkhamis, head of trade and supply chain, we discussed the dynamic changes and opportunities within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The conversation explored the nation’s strategic moves towards economic diversification, strategic investment in infrastructure, and the digitalisation of trade and commerce, underscoring Riyadh’s central role in these unprecedented times. 

Perera and Alkhamis emphasised the enormous potential that Riyadh, with its strategic investments in infrastructure, holds as a catalyst for economic transformation. The capital city has an ambitious agenda to become a global hub for finance, entertainment, and culture, underpinned by extensive digital infrastructure developments and the implementation of perhaps the world’s most sophisticated and integrated national digital identity system. 

They highlighted the kingdom’s substantial investments in the digitalisation of trade and commerce, aiming to streamline processes and enhance efficiency. This move towards digital transformation is supported by a robust framework for digital identity, ensuring secure and seamless transactions across the economic spectrum. 

Capital markets in Saudi Arabia are poised to play a pivotal role in financing sustainable growth, with initiatives to expand and deepen supply chains and the financial services ecosystem. This approach aims to attract both local and international investments, fostering a conducive environment for economic diversification and innovation. 

Saudi Arabia is also experiencing a renaissance in arts, culture, entertainment, and sports. Perera and Alkhamis noted the flourishing scene as a testament to the kingdom’s commitment to creating a vibrant society that aligns with the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030 focused on urbanism, culture and entertainment, sports, Umrah, UNESCO heritage sites, and increasing life expectancy. 

As Saudi Arabia and Riyadh continue on its path of modernisation and expansion on economic, digital, and cultural fronts, we will be at the forefront of chronicling the rise of this robust economy and rising worldwide financial hub. Our goal is to provide content and develop a dynamic community focused on Riyadh’s robust financial services sector, emphasising its critical role in the kingdom’s ambitious agenda. 

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Institution: Banque Saudi Fransi
Country: Saudi Arabia
Region: Middle East
People: Millaniyage Nuwan Perera, Ali Najim Alkhamis
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