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Swift's roadmap for frictionless digital transactions and interoperability

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By Foo Boon Ping

The opening plenary at Sibos 2023 in Toronto featured insights from Swift's leadership on key financial industry trends, including AI, tokenisation, CBDCs, and ESG, emphasising their role in fostering collaboration and addressing economic challenges

The opening plenary of Sibos 2023 in Toronto gave the Swift board and management an opportunity to provide critical and timely insights into the current financial industry landscape. Swift's chair of the board, Graeme Munro, began by acknowledging the industry's dynamic changes, highlighting significant trends such as artificial intelligence (AI), tokenisation, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), and ESG (environmental, social, and governance). He expressed anticipation for the conference's agenda, emphasising its potential significance.

Deputy chair, Samantha Emery emphasised the pivotal role Swift can play in addressing ESG goals. She drew a connection between Swift's historical problem-solving ethos and the current pursuit of inclusive and sustainable economies. Emery stressed the importance of diversity and skillsets within the organisation, echoing her belief in the community's potential to advance ESG objectives.

CEO, Javier Perez-Tasso highlighted Swift's ongoing innovations and its commitment to maintaining operational excellence. He discussed the transition to ISO 20022, underlining its role in enhancing interoperability. Pérez-Tasso also noted Swift's focus on seamlessly integrating new technologies like CBDCs, tokenisation, and security measures, emphasising the journey towards frictionless transactions.

They were followed by opening keynote speaker, Brian Moynihan, the chair of the board and CEO of Bank of America, who began by discussing the economic outlook, predicting that the United States would avoid a recession, with a projected recovery by 2025. He attributed this optimism to fiscal stimulus and monetary accommodation efforts in response to the pandemic, which had impacted real interest rates and inflation, commenting that many in the industry have never experienced a real interest rate environment.

Moynihan also discussed the significance of generative AI, referencing the bank’s AI tool called Erica. This AI technology is used by Bank of America to automate customer interactions, especially in the domain of natural language processing, a vital aspect of the financial services industry.

Moynihan underscored the enduring importance of payments in the banking sector. He emphasised the need for continual investment in payment technology to enhance security, speed, simplicity, and cost-efficiency.

Collaboration emerged as a recurring theme throughout the opening plenary, speakers stressed the critical role of cooperation among financial institutions in improving payment systems, connecting various economies, and addressing cybersecurity concerns. Moynihan also emphasised the significance of organisations like Swift in fostering collaboration.

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