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Sashidhar Jagdishan of HDFC Bank is CEO of the Year in Asia Pacific

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By The Asian Banker

Sashidhar Jagdishan’s tenure at the helm of HDFC Bank epitomises visionary leadership and unwavering resilience in the face of formidable challenges. His strategic foresight, steadfast dedication to technological innovation, customer-centricity, and employee empowerment have positioned the banking behemoth for sustained growth.

Assuming the mantle of managing director and CEO in October 2020, amidst the tumultuous backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jagdishan navigated significant hurdles, including technology glitches and regulatory penalties, with remarkable composure and decisiveness.

Under Jagdishan’s guidance, HDFC Bank swiftly addressed technology concerns, resulting in the timely removal of all regulatory restrictions by 2022, following comprehensive audits and examinations prompted by directives in December 2020. This resolute action underscored the bank’s commitment to transparency and adherence to the highest standards of governance.

Jagdishan’s leadership prowess was further exemplified in 2023 when HDFC—Housing Development Finance Corporation—merged with its subsidiary HDFC Bank in July 2023, creating a financial juggernaut. HDFC shares ceased trading on bourses from13 July, and the landmark merger elevated HDFC Bank to the coveted status of India’s second-largest firm by market capitalisation.

Despite formidable obstacles, his proactive leadership drove adaptive strategies, including talent retention, innovation, and strategic investments in digital infrastructure. Jagdishan’s adept handling of post-merger funding constraints showcased effective leadership characterised by transparent risk assessment and an unwavering commitment to overcoming challenges.

Jagdishan’s strategic emphasis on innovation and branch expansion has facilitated better access to underserved markets, while technological advancement for growth and superior customer service has streamlined banking experiences across channels. Leveraging cloud technology to bolster core infrastructure and implementing an active-active architecture, the bank has ensured availability, high-performance applications, and ongoing efforts to revamp core banking operations for improved resilience.

The bank’s branch network expansion, increasing from 5,430 in September 2020 to an impressive 8,738 by March 2024, with 52% in semi-urban and rural areas, underscores Jagdishan’s dedication to accessibility and financial inclusion.

Talent development has been pivotal in propelling the bank towards a digital-first future, with a remarkable 71% surge in technology talent since January 2021. This strategic investment in human capital has fortified the bank’s position as a frontrunner in the digital banking landscape.

Customer centricity, a service-first culture, and prioritising employees are the cornerstones of HDFC Bank’s strategy under Jagdishan’s leadership. The Nurture, Care, and Collaborate managerial-behavior framework ensures that leaders embody these values, fostering employee development, teamwork, and a collaborative environment conducive to innovation and growth.

Jagdishan’s proactive approach to institutionalising a service-first culture through initiatives like the Net Promoter Score system highlights his commitment to enhancing customer experience through real-time feedback and continual improvement plans. This customer-centric philosophy has solidified HDFC Bank as a benchmark of excellence in the banking industry.

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