Tuesday, 16 July 2024

RHB Bank enhances ecosystem collaborations and segment synergies

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Jeffrey Ng, Managing Director of Group Community Banking at RHB, shares the bank's strategic focus on integrating digital solutions for mortgage and auto loans, alongside tailored financial services for SMEs.

Jeffrey Ng, Managing Director of Group Community Banking at RHB shared the bank's focus on building integrated mortgage and auto loan ecosystems, enhancing remote banking capabilities and leveraging synergies from its community banking approach to serving customers.  

Ng highlighted RHB Bank's strategic approach towards mortgage and auto loans, emphasising the integration of digital solutions to streamline processes and improve customer experience. The bank's adoption of a digitally enabled ecosystem connects developers, agents, and dealers, facilitating a seamless transaction process for customers. This strategy not only simplifies the loan application process but also speeds up approvals, enhancing RHB's competitive edge in the market. 

In serving small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), RHB Bank has been proactive in cross-selling and developing wealth management services. Ng emphasised on identifying the unique needs of SME owners and key stakeholders, offering tailored financial solutions that go beyond traditional banking services. This approach not only addresses the immediate financial needs of SMEs but also fosters long-term relationships, contributing to the bank's growth in this segment. 

Ng’s vision of RHB Bank’s community banking service model revolves around blending digital and traditional banking to meet customer needs, whether through digital platforms or in-person interactions. 

Keywords: Mortgage, Auto Loans, Community Banking, Digital Solutions, Remote Banking, Synergies, SMEs, Cross-selling, Wealth Management, Financial Solutions, Customer Experience, Digital Transformation, Integrated Ecosystem
Institution: RHB Bank
Country: Malaysia
Region: Asia, South East Asia
People: Jeffrey Ng
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