Monday, 22 April 2024

PermataBank’s UX-CX revamp integrates digital and physical channels

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By Foo Boon Ping

PermataBank melds the highs of digital banking with a human touch, retooling both technology and design to delight customers across touchpoints

PermataBank, one of the more prominent commercial banks in Indonesia, underwent a branch distribution modernisation initiative after its acquisition by Bangkok Bank in late 2020. The objective was to blend relationship banking and advisory services with advanced digital technologies, catering to the growing demand for digital banking while still meeting the customer preference for human interaction. 

The revamping of 20 key branches across the banks network was spearheaded by Abdy Salimin, PermataBanks director of technology and operations. Notably, the internal user experience and customer experience teams played a pivotal role in this process. Their involvement extended beyond technological redesign, as they also crafted bespoke artwork for each branchdistinct designs that resonate with the location and region, while maintaining consistency with the banks digital banking experience. 

The concept of the Model Branch that will be rolled out gradually across its network nationwide aims to provide a seamless banking experience that effectively integrates digital and physical channels. By harnessing technologies like application programming interface banking, mobile and internet banking, blockchain, customer relationship management, and call centres supported by artificial intelligence, these branches now offer a wide array of modern banking services in a cohesive manner. 

Moreover, these reconfigured branches are strategically modeled to adapt to the evolving dynamics of post-pandemic lifestyles, catering to customers of all ages and generations. Additionally, they serve as collaborative hubs, fostering partnerships between PermataBank and key players in the small and medium-sized enterprises segment, and businesses in wholesale, fintech, e-commerce, wealth management, and mortgage. 

The services available at these branches include payments, transfers, lending origination, and wealth management, as well as a full suiteof Shariah-compliant products and services. By integrating these services with the banks digital platforms, the branches ensure a consistent and comprehensive customer experience. 

This transition to a digitally-inclusive banking infrastructure reflects PermataBanks commitment to enhancing customer service, and strengthens its position in an increasingly digitised banking landscape. 

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