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GXS to leverage its ecosystem for sustainable profit

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Charles Wong, CEO of GXS Bank, leads the charge in Singapore's digital banking landscape, targeting underserved segments with innovative solutions. Backed by market giants Grab and Singtel, GXS pioneers personalised banking experiences for gig workers, entrepreneurs, and everyday consumers, marking a new era of financial inclusion.

Charles Wong, CEO of GXS Bank, believes the path to profitability in a fiercely competitive market lies in its ability to uncover the unmet needs of underserved customer segments, and find creative and sustainable ways to serve them. The demographic here includes gig and platform workers, early jobbers and entrepreneurs, along with everyday consumers who want more out of their banking experience.

GXS addresses financial needs across various life stages, from consumer financing to long-term savings and insurance plans for the future, thereby fostering enduring customer relationships. Additionally, the bank seeks to serve the micro, small and medium-sized enterprise (MSME) sector, leveraging big data from its parent companies Grab and Singtel, both market leaders in the sectors they serve.

Wong sees untapped potential in this diverse ecosystem where its partners dominate, namely Grab’s gig economy consumers and entrepreneurs, early-jobbers and micro businesses, and the vast number of Singtel’s SMEs.  

He believes that with this scope of expansion within easy reach, GXS occupies a unique space in Singapore’s digital banking sector, saying: “As a digital bank that is not hindered by legacy systems, we have the ability to scale relatively quickly without taking on too many risks or running up huge costs.” 

The bank’s notable achievements include introducing the GXS Savings Account and GXS FlexiLoan. Wong emphasised the importance of aligning customer acquisition with a strategic and considered growth plan to ensure sustainable expansion.  

Customers can register and use GXS services on the bank’s app as well as on the Grab and Singtel Dash apps, appealing particularly to the younger, tech-savvy demographic. Wong also emphasised the significance of efficient anti-money laundering and know-your-customer  processes, suggesting collaborative approaches to improve these systems. 

As an ecosystem bank backed by Grab and Singtel, GXS is in a unique position to refine the banking experience, making it more personalised and relevant for consumers, especially the underserved in Singapore.

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