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Deutsche Bank's transaction business drives record growth

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By Foo Boon Ping

Deutsche Bank posted its highest profits since 2007 following a strategic overhaul in 2019—strong transaction banking performance in Asia Pacific and data-driven technology investments have increased profitability

Deutsche Bank believes a strong transaction banking performance in Asia Pacific (APAC) played a significant role in lifting the group’s income in 2022.

This is largely the culmination of two key long-term strategies: focusing on and doing more with key large corporate and multinational corporation customers, and emphasising the growing importance of data-driven businesses.

Matthew Moodey, the APAC head of trade finance, lending and structuring, explained that the bank’s structuring capability is built on its deep knowledge and experience across the 15 markets and jurisdictions in the region. This enables Deutsche Bank to identify and advise on key global and regional market trends, such as regional project financing deals related to the commodity super-cycle, decarbonisation, new economy and new materials.

Matthew Moodey, APAC Head of Trade Finance, Lending and Structuring, Deutsche Bank

Rachel Whelan, the APAC head of corporate cash management and global head of payments and transactional foreign exchange (FX) product management, emphasised Deutsche Bank’s efforts to integrate and co-create workflow solutions with clients across payments, liquidity and FX. This is done to increase end-to-end automation and efficiency, allowing the bank to provide tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of its clients.

Rachel Whelan, APAC Head of Corporate Cash Management and Global Head of Payments and
Transactional Foreign Exchange (FX) Product Management, Deutsche Bank

Sebastien Avot, the APAC head of institutional cash management, trade finance FI and distribution, highlighted its involvement in industry initiatives such as ISO 20022 and SWIFT Go. By participating in these initiatives, Deutsche Bank aims to contribute to innovation and efficiency in the transaction banking space.

Sebastien Avot, APAC Head of Institutional Cash Management, Trade Finance FI and Distribution,
Deutsche Bank

The bank also maintains global clearing capabilities, processing a significant portion of its cross-border transactions in under five minutes.

The bank’s commitment to staying up to date with technological advancements is evident in its partnership with NVIDIA, focusing on artificial intelligence and machine learning applications in the financial services sector, as well as its ongoing collaboration with Google Cloud to improve the efficiency of its payment processes.

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