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Chris Holmes on future of inclusive finance and technology

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By Foo Boon Ping

Ahead of his keynote at The Asian Banker Summit in Hong Kong on 23 May 2024, Chris Holmes, or Lord Holmes of the UK House of Lords, discussed his expansive legislative agenda and vision for the future of finance.

Chris Holmes has been pivotal in driving key reforms within UK financial services, with a marked emphasis on integrating technology and policy to reshape the financial landscape. Transitioning from a decorated paralympic champion to an impactful political advocate, Holmes has used his unique experiences to champion accessible financial systems in the UK. His legislative work, especially notable within the Financial Services and Markets Act, has introduced significant amendments aimed at fostering financial inclusion and enhancing ethical technology use across various sectors.

Roots of advocacy and legislative focus

Holmes attributes his deep-rooted passion for inclusion to his early life experiences dealing with disability when a genetic disorder rendered him blind at 14, and overcoming challenges by leveraging assistive technologies. These personal challenges not only facilitated his educational pursuits but also enhanced the capabilities of his entire swimming team, underscoring the power of supportive technologies. “As I faced these obstacles, I realised the transformative potential of inclusion and innovation,” Holmes remarked, detailing how these personal victories shaped his approach to policy-making, with a strong emphasis on digital accessibility and financial inclusion.

Bridging technology and regulation

In his role in parliament, Holmes has been instrumental in fostering policies that seamlessly integrate technology and inclusion. His work has significantly influenced regulations impacting artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, fintech, and broader digital services. “I see my role as bridging the gap between technology and regulation, ensuring that our advancements in fintech and digital services are inclusive and ethically grounded,” Holmes noted, encapsulating his approach to legislative reform.

Influencing policy through personal experiences

The profound influence of Holmes’ personal and athletic journey is evident in his legislative work and advocacy. His experiences have fostered a robust appreciation for teamwork and community, which he considers essential for effective policy-making. “Leading the Great Britain Paralympic team taught me the power of unity and shared success,” Holmes observed. This perspective has deeply informed his work in parliament, where he emphasises collaborative efforts and community engagement to tackle systemic barriers and enhance societal participation.

Holmes on education and lifelong learning

Holmes has consistently highlighted the critical role of education and ongoing learning as essential pillars of societal inclusion. “We need to ensure our citizens are not only equipped with digital skills but also that they continue to learn and adapt throughout their lives,” he stated, underlining the importance of policies that support lifelong learning initiatives and technology literacy to keep pace with a rapidly evolving digital environment.

Comprehensive legislative reforms and financial inclusion

Holmes has spearheaded several legislative changes that have both broad and nuanced impact on financial inclusivity and technology ethics. Notably, his amendment enabling cashback without a purchase has significantly broadened financial access, particularly for lower-income individuals. He also introduced a pioneering amendment requiring financial services firms to appoint an officer responsible for AI oversight, thus ensuring that AI and other technologies are employed ethically within financial services.

“This particular amendment demonstrated how even minor tweaks in our financial legislation can profoundly impact financial inclusion,” Holmes explained. “It’s about creating frameworks that companies can not only follow but can also feel proud to be a part of,” he added, emphasising his goal to balance innovation with robust consumer protection.

The future of financial services

Looking forward, Holmes envisions a financial sector that fully embraces digital transformation while remaining inclusive and consumer-friendly. He is particularly enthusiastic about the potential of blockchain and AI to revolutionise financial interactions, from capital markets to international trade.

“Our goal should be to harness these technologies to make financial services more accessible, more efficient, and more responsive to consumer needs,” Holmes asserted. He sees a future where financial services are not only technologically advanced but also profoundly inclusive and consumer-centric, highlighting a dynamic interplay between technological innovation and regulatory frameworks designed to promote ethical practices and ensure broad accessibility.

Open banking and evolution into open finance

Holmes is particularly excited about the potential of open banking and its evolution into open finance, viewing it as a transformative movement that could redefine consumer interactions across various sectors. “Open banking has laid the groundwork, but open finance is where we see the true integration of financial services with everyday consumer needs, extending into areas like energy, insurance, and healthcare,” Holmes projected. This integration promises to make financial decision-making more intuitive and embedded in daily activities, offering a seamless consumer experience.

Transformative potential of tokenisation

Holmes discussed the transformative potential of tokenisation in capital and commodity markets, envisioning how converting physical assets into digital tokens could enhance the fluidity of financial exchanges and open up new investment opportunities for a broader range of participants. “Imagine the efficiency and transparency that tokenisation could bring to these markets,” he mused.

Regulation as an enabler of technological innovation

Holmes emphasises the critical role of regulation in shaping the future of financial services. He advocates for a regulatory approach that is supportive of innovation yet stringent enough to protect consumers. “Regulations should be enablers, not just gatekeepers. They should foster an environment where new technologies can flourish safely and sustainably,” he commented, expressing optimism about the role of AI and automation in reducing costs and increasing efficiency within the financial sector.

Holmes’ impact and legacy

In his role in the House of Lords, Holmes has significantly influenced the UK’s fintech and digital finance landscape through spearheading legislative initiatives and establishing parliamentary groups focused on fintech and digital finance. These efforts have not only enhanced policy discussions but have also led to tangible changes that align with his vision of a tech-driven, inclusive financial landscape.

Holmes is passionate about the educational aspect of his role, often speaking about the need to educate fellow lawmakers and the public about the implications of digital technologies. He also highlights the importance of international collaboration in his legislative work, particularly in the areas of fintech and digital finance. “As we develop these technologies and regulatory frameworks, maintaining strong international dialogues to align our efforts and learn from global best practices is imperative,” he stated, underscoring his belief in the global impact of the policies shaped in the House of Lords.

Reflecting on his achievements and the broader influence of his work, Holmes is keenly aware of the ripple effects his legislative initiatives have had on shaping a more inclusive and innovative financial services industry. His tenure in the House of Lords has been marked by a commitment to shaping a future where technology serves all segments of society, underpinned by robust, ethical policy frameworks that promote both innovation and consumer protection.

As Holmes prepares for his keynote at The Asian Banker Summit, his insights offer a comprehensive roadmap for a more inclusive and technologically adept financial future, promising significant advancements for the sector worldwide.

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