Sunday, 16 June 2024

Best SME Loan in Malaysia is RHB

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By The Asian Banker

RHB’s SME digital financing is the only digital financing that allows financing applications both through web and mobile app. The mobile app solution offers customers the option of “DIY” or sales assisted for the less tech-savvy applicants. RHB’s mobile app application offers remote interviews and site visits with geotagging capabilities especially useful to meet the challenges of movement restrictions during the pandemic by enabling applicants to interact with the Bank in a safe environment.

Technology such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning were deployed to enhance processes and augment decision-making to improve turnaround time for loan applications. In addition, customers also enjoyed the simplified submission process. They only need to provide two documents digitally for the submission and reply to basic questions to know if they are eligible for a loan.

The Best SME Loan is RHB

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