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Best Frictionless Customer Experience Initiative in Hong Kong - Bank of East Asia

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By The Asian Banker

The winning bank launched a fully digital all-in-one account designed with a mobile-first approach especially catered to the needs of young and tech-savvy clientele in June 2022. The bank achieved to appeal to a new generation of customers and cultivate a thriving retail banking client base underscored by its exceptional success since its official launch in August 2022, surpassing the target number of customer registrations by 2.6 times, and the subsequent growth of its customer base by more than 50% in 1H 2023. 

The significant increase in transaction volumes among targeted customers, with the average online time-deposit volume almost tripling in the first half of 2023, highlights the tangible impact it has had on empowering customers to manage their finances seamlessly.  

Furthermore, the bank continued to enhance customer experience by launching new online tools and utilizing cutting-edge hardware, sophisticated big data analysis, such as Fund Portfolio Builder, “Pay My Way” Auto Instalment and the fully digital mortgage application service. 

With its unique proposition with tangible result, and continuous enhancement in customer journey, the award of Best Frictionless Customer Experience Initiative in Hong Kong goes to Bank of East Asia.

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