Sunday, 26 May 2024

Best Digital Wallet/Mobile Money Product in the Philippines - GCash

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By The Asian Banker

The winning digital wallet platform once again solidified its position as the market leader in mobile wallet and payments in the country. The digital wallet provides a wide variety of products and services on its mobile app. In the previous year, it grew its customer base to 55 million, up 67% year-on-year. It now serves 83% of the total adult population in the country. In 2021, it tripled the total gross transaction value (GTV) processed in the previous year. The digital wallet attributed the increase in GTV to the growing relevance of the mobile app in the everyday lives of Filipinos, which resulted in an exponential growth in user base and usage.

For delivering a wide range of choices that is ubiquitous, seamless, instant and secure to customers, the Best Digital Wallet/Mobile Money Product in the Philippines is GCash.

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