Saturday, 25 May 2024

Best Digital Banking Services in the Philippines – UnionBank of the Philippines

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By The Asian Banker

The winning bank provides a seamless, innovative and simplified user experience to customers while ensuring a high level of security and reliability. The bank built more than 100 robotic process automation (RPA) processes which cover account opening and know your customer (KYC), billing collection, cards, cheque deposit, anti-money laundering, data quality, credit investigation, document generation and management, document generation and management, fraud management, loans, reconciliation, and reports. 

With the help of its fintech arm, the bank gained further traction in signups and the volume of transactions across all its platforms grew by 30% YoY.  The transaction volume already breached the one million mark in a single month.

For providing a unified and seamless customer experience, the best Digital Banking Services in the Philippines is awarded to UnionBank of the Philippines.

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