Tuesday, 5 March 2024

Best Credit Card Product in Taiwan – HSBC(TW)

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By The Asian Banker

The winning card empowered cardholder with a unique propositions and innovative digital process by offering up to 6% cashback on most favoured mobile payment and e-commerce platforms for loyalty customers, without annual fee or any hidden charges, together with frictionless digital journey that enables the paperless application been completed within five mins. About 70,000 new cards were issued in first 12 months and 90% of the applications originated from digital channels, which helps the winning bank’s total new card issuance in 2021 to achieve a 12% YoY growth, higher than market average. The winning card also showed almost 3x higher per card spending compared to local market average.

The Best Credit Card Product in Taiwan goes to HSBC (Taiwan) Diamond Card.

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