Monday, 15 April 2024

Sheikh Waleed Khamis Al Hashar and Bank Muscat recognised as Best CEO and Best Managed Bank in Oman

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As the CEO of Bank Muscat, Sheikh Waleed Khamis Al Hashar’s exemplary leadership is reflected in the organisational restructuring of the bank, by putting a vibrant management team in charge, further strengthening their growth and development. 

Bank Muscat ensures employees are adequately trained and improved their competencies including training in the latest digital technologies while enabling the bank to achieve its strategic plans.

Al Shar has overseen expansion in Bank Muscat’s corporate social responsibility and sustainability projects, such as bringing relief to those affected by cyclone Shaheen in 2021. The bank contributed $2.6 million towards relief efforts, and also set aside a $52 million portfolio for interest-free/profit-free special loans to those affected by the cyclone.

Under his leadership, Bank Muscat has improved its financial performance across different parameters during the period under review. The bank’s CAR stood at 21.3% in 2021 against the minimum required level of 13.25% by the central bank of the country, up from 19.72% in 2019. Its total assets increased to approximately $34 billion by the end of 2021 from $32 billion in 2019 and its net profit increased to $493 million in 2021 compared to $482 million in 2019.

Under his leadership, Bank Muscat is recognised as the Best Managed Bank in Oman.

The CEO Leadership Achievement for Oman Award goes to CEO of Bank Muscat, Sheikh Waleed Khamis Al Hashar

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