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Issue 113: Negotiating the new normal
Issue 113: Negotiating the new normal
Publication Date: Jan 23, 2013
Categories: Basel III, Cash, Treasury & Trade, China, Regulation, Retail Banking, Risk and Regulation, Rmb, Singapore, Taiwan, Trade Finance, Transaction Banking, Wealth Management
Keywords: Mongolia, Randolph Koppa, Trade And Development Bank, Sandag Sukhbold, Savings Bank, John Finnigan, Golomt Bank, ING, HSBC, Nomura, Barclays, LIBOR, Dick Kovacevich

Domestic banks in the Asia Pacific region have grown their transaction banking business rapidly, averaging 34% YoY growth in 2011 and are starting to reap the fruits of their labour.

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While international banks still dominate the transaction banking arena with their more sophisticated global cash management and treasury capabilities, domestic banks in Asia are gradually catching up. Issue 113 presents a special report featuring the results of a Transaction Banking Satisfaction Survey conducted among leading international and domestic banks. The Asian Banker looks at the set of unique challenges banks need to address as they grow their presence in the region.

Important topics raised include – What expectations do ambitious Asia-based corporates have of their transaction banks as they expand in the region? What are the challenges posed by requirements for funding and liquidity certainty amidst a volatile global financial market?

The Asian Banker looks at one of the frontier economies in Asia, Mongolia, and speaks to the chiefs of three leading Mongolian banks about the opportunities and challenges faced as the country transforms itself into a modern economy. An interview with Dick Kovacevich, chairman emeritus of Wells Fargo, offering his take on customer focus and generating top-line growth, is also included in this issue.


Issue 113:

  • Domestic banks favour global reach with a local touch
  • Beating a path to normalcy
  • Funding, liquidity and integration pose challenges
  • Process consolidation and expansion key competitive pressures
  • Mongolia Special Report
    o Interview with Randolph Koppa, president of Trade and Development Bank
    o Interview with Sandag Sukhbold, CEO of Savings Bank
    o Interview with John Finnigan, CEO of Golomt Bank
  • Dick Kovacevich advocates strong customer relationship ties
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