The Asian Banker

The Asian Banker is a leading provider of strategic intelligence on the financial services industry, established since 1996.

We are in the business of helping decision makers develop creative solutions around research and intelligence to achieve tangible business goals.

  • We help organisations understand the markets they serve, through B2B surveys, field research, data and forward looking research and intelligence.
  • We help businesses benchmark their operations and competitiveness against industry best practices.
  • We create communities for the industry to respond to global trends in the most creative way possible.
  • We create programmes for organisations to communicate with their clients or their own employees.
  • We help businesses position their investment story for investors.
  • We track, rank and recognise achievements and leadership in the financial services industry for the benefit of users.

Our products and services

We provide a wide range of products and services designed simply to package intelligence through our research, consulting, forums, training, publications and creative programmes as laid out in our corporate website.

The best way to develop an idea of how we can help your organisation is to speak with us, whether you are planning to expand your business in Asia, need to benchmark your competitive strengths, build a marketing campaign to the industry or run an internal programme for your employees. We maintain an open working relationship with our clients, focusing on how we or others can add value to your business.

Some of the work we have done are referred to in the different sections of our website in a manner that can provide you with insights on how we can help your organisation.

Our locations

We currently serve all of Asia and the Middle East – from our offices in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing and Dubai. We see ourselves replicating our business in similar markets in other parts of the world where emerging market expertise is relevant. We consistently interact with world class players in the US, Europe and other developed markets in order to identify global benchmarks, as well as to provide businesses in these regions with the intelligence they need on the markets we cover. We have representatives in London and Sydney.

Our values

We strive to be amongst the best in the world for what we do. We are self-correcting in areas where learning is required. We work with our clients to achieve their business goals. We value trust, long term relationships and integrity in all our interactions. We are proud of our independence and the value it brings to the work we do. We enjoy designing creative and forward looking solutions together with our best clients.

Our people

Our organisation brings together the unique combination of the skills of researchers, analysts, journalists, programme managers and consultants to create a range of creative solutions to track developments and discuss them.

Because the work we do involves collating considerable ground level information and original research, we invest a lot in young people to grow with us, developing insights and interactions on the financial services industry over the years. We have some of the most resourceful and experienced professionals in research, editorial and programme development in the industry.

We couple our ground level capabilities by working with independent consultants either in partnership or as contractors to add real value to areas of research and consulting where actual industry experience and specific expertise are required.

We are proud to be one of the most diverse organisations of our kind anywhere in the world, recognising merit and the intrinsic value that people of different cultures, nationalities and professional backgrounds bring to the organisation.


Emmanuel Daniel, Chairman

Emmanuel Daniel founded The Asian Banker in September 1996, first as an intelligence publication but later adding benchmarking and consulting elements to make it the authoritative repository on the financial services industry that it has become. He sets the broad direction of the Company without managing its day-to-day operations, but is mostly on the road as a speaker on a broad range of issues facing the industry.

Click here to view Emmanuel Daniel's CV for speaking engagements.

Charmaine Athaide, Director, Sales and Business Development

Charmaine Athaide joined The Asian Banker in 2005, helping The Asian Banker gain significant traction in its relationship with key financial institutions, technology service providers and consulting groups. Becoming a director in 2006, Charmaine manages key client relationships, oversees a team of sales staff, and has key input in the company's strategic sales and marketing capabilities.

Christian Kapfer, Director, Research

Chris Kapfer has been with The Asian Banker since 2004, and has become an authority on retail and commercial banking in his own right. He provides consulting services to top-tier financial institutions and their investors in benchmarking their business and strategic capabilities. He manages bespoke research and market studies and has done projects in consumer and transaction banking, IT and technology infrastructure. Christian has studied in Germany, the UK and Singapore and holds a Masters in sociology, economics and statistics from Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich in Germany.

Foo Boon Ping, Managing Editor

Boon Ping is the Managing Editor of The Asian Banker publication and is responsible for the development and delivery of timely and quality content. He engages senior industry executives and practitioners regularly and moderates forum on critical issues that impact the industry.

Joanna Woo PingFan, General Manager, The Asian Banker China

Joanna Woo joined The Asian Banker in November 2004 as a business development executive and built the company's success in the China market. She works very closely with banks across Greater China as well as the leading regulators in China to package The Asian Banker's research content as training, publication and consulting relationships that are unique to China's needs at every point in its rapid transformation into a global economic powerhouse.

Bryan Lim, General Manager, Technology

Bryan Lim is the head of The Asian Banker's increasingly sophisticated technology infrastructure, and runs the development of a wide range of portals on the internet and other devices from the operations office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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