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Singapore goes more digital through NETS QR code
日期: 2017年 12月 13日   |   作者: Richard Hartung   |   Round Up
Network for Electronic Transfers (Singapore) (NETS) looks to “take out as much cash as possible” as the company partners with seven banks in the country in launching a unified digital payment platform for NETS Quick Response (QR) code payments.
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Is Europe ready for open banking?
日期: 2017年 12月 12日   |   作者: Chris Skinner   |   评论
As open banking becomes a reality for European consumers in early 2018, Chris Skinner, author and financial technology commentator,, highlights the results of a number of reports and researches on open banking, especially noting how banks are ready to implement it.
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CMB experiments with emerging technologies and social media channels to boost credit card business
日期: 2017年 12月 07日   |   作者: Neeti Aggarwal   |   Co-published
China Merchants Bank utilised emerging new technologies - artificial intelligence, biometrics and big data, integrated with social media channels, with the aim to improve customer experience and boost its credit card business growth.
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End-to-end and innovative supply chain finance dominates priority
日期: 2017年 12月 06日   |   作者: Siddharth Chandani   |   研究笔记
A renewed push to provide end-to-end supply chain financing solutions is driving trade finance across Asia Pacific.
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AI will replace robos to create new forms of customer value around advisory
日期: 2017年 11月 30日   |   作者: Chris Kapfer   |   相关访谈
Catherine Flax, chief executive officer of Pefin (US), a financial advisory firm that has built an enterprise wide artificial intelligence (AI) platform in the last six years, discusses the future of wealth advisory and why AI will beat robos and experienced relationship managers, without replacing the latter.
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How financial brands can leverage the rise of the platform economy
日期: 2017年 11月 28日   |   作者: Vipin Kalra   |   评论
The emergence of the so-called “platform economy” has brought a new trend to the financial services industry. Vipin Kalra, chief executive officer of BankBazaar International, discusses how financial brands can leverage the move to platforms to further market their products and strengthen their brands.



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