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Rmb devaluation: start of a freer currency regime 2
日期: 2017年 02月 27日   |   作者: Madhulika Chowdhary   |   新闻分析
PBoC's decision to devalue the Rmb delivered a temporary shock to financial markets, but its longer-term effects may be felt around the globe.
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Interview: “Transforming the relationship concept is based on the very real need of managing both pricing and costs”
日期: 2017年 02月 23日   |   作者: Foo Boon Ping   |   相关访谈
Petri Nikkilä, executive vice president and head of strategy and segments at Nordea Bank, discusses how the bank is leveraging technology to strategically transform the relationship banking concept.
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How robots are changing the face of banking
日期: 2017年 02月 22日   |   作者: Neeti Aggarwal   |   研究笔记
Robotics, enabled by artificial intelligence and machine learning, is proving to be a game changer that can bring unique operational efficiencies to the financial services industry.
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The rise of APIs in retail banking
日期: 2017年 02月 21日   |   作者: Richard Hartung   |   研究笔记
Financial institutions are starting to use APIs to create important linkages between their products and services and their customers and important third party value providers. Early movers to stand to gain mindshare of both customers and the wider application developer community.
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P2P lending: Collaboration will be the key to success
日期: 2017年 02月 15日   |   作者: Research   |   研究笔记
Fintech, the latest buzzword in the peer-to-peer lending sector, has carved a niche for itself in a short span of time. As banks tighten their seat belts for the new-age disruption, they are showing strong affinity towards collaboration with the marketplace lenders to secure their customer proposition.
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Video: "Technology companies that do not have end-users will lag those who have"
日期: 2017年 02月 10日   |   作者: The Asian Banker Live   |   TAB Live
Vijay Shekhar Sharma, founder of Paytm, discusses the company's business model and growth plan, its partnership with Alibaba, and the impact of demonetisation and regulations on cashless transaction in India



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