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Retail banks in Japan still struggling with decreasing profitability
日期: 2017年 04月 26日   |   作者: Shenming Wang   |   研究笔记
Declining profitability from lending is forcing Japanese banks to rethink product and service strategies whilst innovative technology adoption is helping to maintain high service levels
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“Solve infrastructure gap in Asia to create a market bigger than US”
日期: 2017年 04月 25日   |   作者: Neeti Aggarwal   |   相关访谈
Vladislav Solodkiy, managing partner, Life.SREDA, talks about key issues and challenges to financial technology growth in Asia and existing infrastructure gaps that hinder the scaling of fintech in the region.
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Smarter lending takes flight
日期: 2017年 04月 24日   |   作者: David Shrier   |   评论
David Shrier, managing director of MIT Connected Science, shares his views on how new technologies will help achieve smarter lending.
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Blockchain - Moving from hype to reality
日期: 2017年 04月 21日   |   作者: Neeti Aggarwal   |   研究笔记
Investments and interest in distributed ledger technology have been rising rapidly as new use cases emerge to harness its potential. The technology is nonetheless still at an early stage with many hurdles to cross, possibly five to seven years away from mainstream adoption.
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"We marry analytics with our products"
日期: 2017年 04月 21日   |   作者: Janine Marie Crisanto   |   相关访谈
Dennis Tan, head of consumer financial services at OCBC, shares how the bank is leveraging its data analytics and digital capabilities to increase productivity and efficiency amid tough competition in Singapore.
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"Regulators have ‘upped their game’ in ways that would have been considered to be very ‘un-regulator-like'"
日期: 2017年 04月 20日   |   作者: Serdar Guner   |   评论
Serdar Güner, director of supervision at the Dubai Financial Services Authority, in a speech during The Future of Finance, Middle East and Africa 2017, discussed how the regulator is facilitating innovation amidst the changes happening in the global financial and regulatory landscape.



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