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Will artificial intelligence take over your banking job?
日期: 2017年 06月 21日   |   作者: Pathik Gupta   |   评论
Pathik Gupta, an associate partner and regional head of wealth management for Asia Pacific at McLagan, discusses the future of jobs in the financial services industry.
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South Korean banks rely on fintech as they contest for dominance in digital retail banking
日期: 2017年 06月 19日   |   作者: Shenming Wang   |   研究笔记
The evolving landscape of South Korean retail banking is pushing banks to invest in financial technology to retain and attract customers, even as traditional brick and mortar branches give way to specialised branches.
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Ten things I learned at The Future of Finance Summit in Singapore
日期: 2017年 06月 12日   |   作者: Keith Furst   |   评论
Keith Furst, founder and financial crimes technology expert of Data Derivatives, shares his insights from The Future of Finance Summit 2017 held in Singapore from 8th to 9th June.
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HDFC introduces a digital bank to support SMEs as the backbone of India’s economy
日期: 2017年 06月 09日   |   作者: Janine Marie Crisanto   |   案例研究
While there is a dearth in bank’s funding and financial options for small and medium enterprises globally, new players are intercepting with their digital capabilities to provide lending to the growing sector. Recognising this gap and the entrance of new competition, HDFC launched SM@ Bank to provide SMEs’ with innovative and accessible financial services.
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"I’m not going to anticipate an impact from the Trump administration, as they are incoherent"
日期: 2017年 06月 05日   |   作者: Tanya Angerer   |   相关访谈
Barney Frank, an ex-congressman of the United States, key architect and part-namesake of the Dodd-Frank Act, speaks to The Asian Banker about US President Trump’s attempts to change the bill, which he described as a “disaster”. In February, Trump signed an executive order to review the mammoth regulatory system put in place after the 2008 financial crisis with the US Treasury Secretary expected to report his findings in June.
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At odds with Dodd-Frank
日期: 2017年 06月 02日   |   作者: Tanya Angerer   |   研究笔记
In a matter of weeks US President Donald Trump’s administration will lay bare how they wish to regulate banks and markets. After months of scathing remarks about the Dodd-Frank Act, any clarity on exactly how Trump wishes to overhaul the system is welcomed by both detractors and supporters. But how much change should be expected?



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