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Fintech gives Hong Kong banks a head start in race to innovate retail banking
日期: 2017年 08月 18日   |   作者: Shenming Wang   |   研究笔记
Retail banks in Hong Kong are capitalising on fintech to innovate their product palate and to reach out to new customers through dedicated digital channels.
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Initial coin offerings – From “bubble” to the future of fundraising?
日期: 2017年 08月 17日   |   作者: Neeti Aggarwal   |   新闻分析
Spurt in initial coin offerings over the last two years, with start-ups raising millions in minutes, have raised excitement and regulatory attention amidst fear of “bubble” and potential losses. This crowdfunding mechanism is still evolving towards more maturity, transparency and stronger market players.
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CCB’s Yu: “Defining the new role of the branch for the young”
日期: 2017年 08月 14日   |   作者: Foo Boon Ping   |   相关访谈
Yu Jingbo, executive vice president in charge of channel and operation management of China Construction Bank, talks about transforming the functions of bank branches in the future.
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How digitisation powers DBS to profitability
日期: 2017年 08月 10日   |   作者: Richard Hartung   |   研究笔记
While much of the focus for quarterly results at DBS was on profits and non-performing loans, the impact of digitisation on expense reduction was striking and the bank’s plans for the next ten years pave the path towards even greater efficiency.
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Asia Pacific banks are leveraging on technology to remain competitive in a muted unsecured loan market
日期: 2017年 08月 08日   |   作者: Wendy Weng   |   研究笔记
Most Asia Pacific markets have witnessed a slowdown in unsecured consumer loan growth, as regulations tighten and more alternative lending options are made available to borrowers. To stay relevant, banks are slowly digitising the business while also closely monitoring credit quality.
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Leveraging universal digital identity – How to get it right?
日期: 2017年 08月 03日   |   作者: Michael Gorriz   |   评论
Michael Gorriz, group chief information officer at Standard Chartered Bank, talks about the necessity of having a universal digital identity (DI) and the role of financial institutions in collecting and protecting customer data.



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