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TMF Group adopts Broadridge's Sentry platform for private debt business growth

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Global fintech leader Broadridge Financial Solutions announces that TMF Group, a leading provider of critical compliance and administration services, has enhanced its private debt and collateralised loan obligation (CLO) service capabilities with the adoption of Broadridge’s Sentry PM, a cloud-based private debt and CLO portfolio management solution.

Gareth Casement, head of loan administration at TMF Group said: “This is an important step for TMF Group and our commitment to provide the highest standards of service to our clients. We were quickly impressed by the broad functionality of Broadridge’s loan management platform and the significant efficiencies that can be achieved for our clients. We look forward to leveraging the Sentry platform to further scale our business and to future-proof all of our operational needs.”

The technology enhancement will enable TMF Group to significantly scale its private debt and CLO services businesses by reducing operational risks and empowering investment managers to make more informed investment decisions. Broadridge’s platform will also enable TMF Group to launch a new service offering for CLO administration, which it plans to bring to market in 2024.

Mike Sleightholme, head of asset management and president of Broadridge International, said: “We are delighted to onboard TMF Group onto the Sentry platform so that they can continue to meet both the current and future needs of their clients. In today’s landscape, asset servicers are constantly looking for new ways to optimise efficiency, maximise data accuracy and visibility, and navigate risk. Our fast, flexible and integrated platform allows them to achieve these goals, quickly and with ease.”

Broadridge’s Sentry solution brings greater accuracy and transparency to the private lending process and provides front-to-back-office functionality to increase overall efficiency. Sentry is a scalable web-based solution that captures, calculates and analyses the borrower’s key performance indicators, monitors the pipeline, improves credit selection, and creates reusable covenant rules. Besides managing day-to-day loan administration, Sentry allows users to monitor compliance issues and reconcile and aggregate data.


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