Friday, 31 March 2023

Temenos Banking Cloud scales to record high transaction volumes

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Switzerland – MAY 18, 2022 – Temenos (SIX: TEMN) today published its high-water benchmark performance results for Temenos Banking Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The benchmark of 100 million customers and 200 million deposit accounts with 100,000 transactions per second and up to 61 transactions per second per core on AWS underscores Temenos’ leaner and greener architecture. The benchmark breaks every scale record, helping banks scale efficiently and lower carbon emissions.

Temenos Banking Cloud has doubled its performance compared to the 2019 benchmark, proving the scalable performance of Temenos open platform with the capacity to process the entire world’s banking transaction volumes on a single cloud environment.

This improvement in TPS per core also shows the Temenos platform on the cloud is up to 4.1x times more efficient than before, which allows banks to lower their carbon emissions. The TPS of 61 per core now matches the performance and scale of mainframe-based systems but using public cloud at a fraction of the cost. Temenos also reduces mainframe cost to commodity hardware levels, presenting a best of both worlds scenario to its bank clients.

According to the recent Capgemini 2021 World Payments Report, non-cash transactions are expected to grow globally at 18.6% CAGR (2020-2025), driven by next-generation payments like BNPL, invisible and biometric propositions. With volumes expected to reach 1.8 trillion by the end of 2025, banks and embedded finance providers will need IT architectures that can scale at a fraction of the cost to succeed in the new era.

Temenos is presenting its scalable open platform for composable banking at its flagship event, Temenos Community Forum (TCF 2022), in London, on May 17-19.

Temenos cloud architecture elastically scales, automatically enabling banks to process higher volumes of transactions with 10x less infrastructure compared to traditional on-premise deployments and corresponding reduction in cost. By running on AWS, Temenos Banking Cloud can help banks reduce their carbon footprint. Research across several geographic regions shows moving on-premise workloads to AWS can lower the workload carbon footprint by nearly 80% and up to 96% once AWS is powered with 100% renewable energy, by 2025.

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