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Sunday, 3 March 2024

Revolut launches Revolut 10 as it passes 35M customers worldwide

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Revolut, the financial global super app which has just surpassed 35 million customers globally, having announced 30 million customers in June earlier this year, has launched Revolut 10, its biggest update yet, with a significant overhaul of the design and layout of the app.

Revolut’s new design is built to make everyday money management as easy as possible. Revolut 10 is the ultimate companion to send, receive, pay, split, put aside, track, set limits, invest, donate and much more, with maximum flexibility and effectiveness, to make managing money as easy and frictionless as possible.

Revolut has launched several new products and services across the globe. In Singapore, Revolut announced the launch of stock trading, instant card transfers, as well as the addition of seven new currency accounts earlier this year. Revolut’s expanding suite of products and services needed a new design that puts all these products in a very simple and beautiful interface with a clear hierarchy and no noise, which is especially important for customers using the app daily. All accounts, cards, tools to invest and lifestyle features are easily accessible from the home screen.

The latest version of the app gives you the freedom to tailor it to your needs with a simplified navigation, and personalisation to the full - Revolut 10 users can match their vibe with themes, widgets, and custom backgrounds. Switching between accounts is cleaner and clearer to track your different accounts. Whether you have an SGD account, EUR account, or USD account, version 10 gives you quick and clear access to a growing variety of accounts and products.

Furthermore, the Revolut Pockets feature has been upgraded to the latest version of the app. Pockets work like sub-accounts where you can secure money upfront to pay for your bills. Similar to our Vaults in previous versions of the app, they allow users to put money aside into spaces separated from their main account for their spending purposes and to organise their money for things like bills and subscriptions. Pockets offer Revolut users control over their finances, and help them to better budget, plan and organise their money.

Ivan Chalov, head of retail at Revolut, said: “We built Revolut 10 to help customers get a clear view of all of their accounts and money in one place and easily navigate through favourite features and products. Built for ease, we hope the updated, clearer design helps Revolut customers explore existing features and products they may not have known were at their fingertips."

“We know every customer is unique and has individual needs, so we’re very excited to offer customisation options, including widgets, where customers can specify cards or favourite recipients straight on their home screen to move money with one tap. No matter where you are on your financial journey, Revolut can easily help you sort out money matters.”

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