Saturday, 23 October 2021

ABN AMRO's Tikkie breaches five million user mark

Tikkie has just achieved a new milestone: over five million Dutch people now use the ABN AMRO payment service. Nearly 200,000 Tikkie reminders are paid every day – up to 350 a minute at peak times. Also, the number of business clients for Tikkie has doubled compared with the end of last year, meaning that consumers can increasingly pay businesses and not just each other. Tikkie aims to make payments easier, faster and more fun everywhere.

Those 5 million users pay fast: no less than 57% pay a Tikkie within the space of an hour and 88% within a single day. Friday is still by far the most popular day to send Tikkie reminders, as most of these relate to gifts, dinners and tickets. Tikkie amounts average 30 euros. Since its launch in mid-2016, Tikkie has prompted payments upwards of EUR 2.2 billion.

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And it isn’t just consumers that appreciate Tikkie’s speed and convenience. In percentage terms, the business market recorded the biggest growth in the past couple of months, doubling from 2,000 clients at the end of last year to 4,000 today. These clients vary from charities such as the Dutch Heart Foundation, to business clients using accounts packages incorporating Tikkie through our link-ups with partners such as King Business Software. Even self-scanning check-outs at the likes of magazine and book retailer AKO now support Tikkie, while all entrepreneurs can simply send their own Tikkie reminders from the portal or app.

Freek de Steenwinkel, Tikkie’s Managing Director, commented: “We’re seeing rapid growth in the use of our business app and new portal, while also noting massive demand for superfast payment for web shops. We’re not just meeting the demand to make payment faster and easier, we’re really offering businesses an opportunity to turn that important payment window into a fun way to connect with clients. It’s a win-win for consumers and entrepreneurs alike.”

About Tikkie
Tikkie is a free-to-use app for iPhone and Android to conveniently send payment requests using WhatsApp, Messenger, text messages or QR codes. The app was introduced in 2016 and now has over 5 million users. Although it is an ABN AMRO initiative, all Dutch current account holders can use Tikkie free of charge. Tikkie is also available for use by businesses, which can incorporate the service in a range of ways.

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