Friday, 14 June 2024

Decentralised cloud project OORT nears $10M funding goal

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OORT is nearing a significant funding milestone of $10 million, signaling a key moment for its upcoming token listing.

This achievement highlights OORT's growing role as a significant player in the field of decentralised cloud infrastructure, focusing on enabling AI applications.

OORT recently concluded an exclusive investment round with carefully selected partners, focusing on an imminent token listing and advancing its product development. This strategic round demonstrates OORT's commitment to forging meaningful partnerships that align with its long-term objectives.

At the core of OORT's vision is a commitment to democratising data, striving to emulate the transformative role that Bitcoin plays in finance. This goal is being actualised through strategic alliances with enterprise giants such as Dell Technologies, Tencent Cloud, and Lenovo Image, paving the way for OORT to lead the mainstream adoption of decentralised cloud infrastructure.

The latest round of funding, led by a consortium of forward-thinking partners include: Taisu Ventures, Red Beard Ventures, Hike Ventures, and Optic Capital, and support from tech giants Microsoft and Google, positions OORT to redefine the landscape of decentralised infrastructure. Building on this momentum, previous investors such as Aves Lair, Trinity Venture Capital, LinkVC, Sanctor Capital, Waterdrip Capital and Redline Capital continue to play a crucial role. They collectively contribute capital, resources, and expertise, empowering OORT to offer enterprise-grade, reliable, and high-performance technology solutions for AI businesses.

As OORT edges closer to its token listing, the company is unwavering in its ambition to revolutionise not just cloud computing or storage, but a shift in how data is accessed, processed and managed globally.

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