Thursday, 20 June 2024

BriskPe partners with Currencycloud to enable global trade for MSME

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Currencycloud, the experts in simplifying business in a multi-currency world, has partnered with BriskPe, the Mumbai-based cross-border payments fintech, to expand BriskPe’s customers’ payment options.

The partnership will open up international business opportunities for its India-based micro, small and medium sized enterprise (MSME) customers, providing them with a broad, efficient range of cross-border payment solutions with access to more than 35 currencies while benefiting from competitive FX rates.

Integrating Currencycloud’s API enables BriskPe to leverage local account-based collections in key markets, including the UK, EU, Canada, and the USA, simplifying the collection, conversion, and payment process. An expanded collection service with named virtual accounts will significantly help India’s MSME collect globally by facilitating easier, more diverse payment methods. With access to an automated, fast, error-free reconciliation process, and the ability to receive international earnings directly into their India-based bank accounts in a single business day, businesses will not only have rapid access to their funds, but they can focus on their growth ambitions.

Sanjay Tripathy, Co-Founder and CEO of BriskPe, said: “Our collaboration with Currencycloud aligns perfectly with our mission to eliminate the complexities associated with international collections for MSME by simplifying international payments. What’s more, Currencycloud's enhanced scalability allows us to deliver value to our clients without compromising on service quality.”

Rohit Narang, managing director of APAC, at Currencycloud commented: “We are delighted to work with BriskPe and help facilitate its expansion in the international cross-border payment landscape. We look forward to working with them as they continue to enable India’s often under-represented businesses to thrive on the global stage.”

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