Wednesday, 17 April 2024

Best Retail Bank in Taiwan goes to is CTBC Bank

5 min read

The winning bank consistently digitalises and innovates its retail banking services, resulting in outstanding performance across multiple criteria. Despite fierce competition in Taiwan market, the bank was able to increase its retail income by 18% year on year while maintaining its leading market share for personal loans, credit card usage, and bancassurance in 2023.

To achieve scaled customisation,  the bank  leveraged AI and big data to identify customer journey with 360-degree customer view and insight, to generate the next best offer based on data analysis, and to empower bank staff with intelligent dashboard. As a result, the bank experienced a tenfold increase in conversion rates for identified customers. 

With nearly seven million digital customers, the winning bank is constantly improving its digital journey with human touch, with more than 57% of retail sales generated digitally. The award for Best Retail Bank in Taiwan goes to is CTBC Bank. 

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