Saturday, 15 June 2024

Best Retail Bank in Malaysia 2023 is CIMB

5 min read

  • CIMB Bank has been acknowledged as the top retail bank in Malaysia for this year's Excellence Programme, owing to its innovative approach, leadership, management, and performance in retail financial services. CIMB's emphasis on acquiring current and savings accounts, coupled with a commitment to digitalization, has resulted in enhanced customer satisfaction, cost efficiency, and productivity. 
  • The bank has made significant investments in technology and digital capabilities to augment its Octosavers app. Furthermore, the bank has broadened its data analytics by incorporating various ecosystems, such as big data infrastructure, intelligent campaign management systems for tailored deals and cross-selling offers across channels, business intelligence dashboards, and web personalization. These efforts have contributed to a 63% increase in digital sourcing revenue, a 9% rise in average customer product holdings, and a 540% boost in digital click-through rates.
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