Saturday, 10 June 2023

Best Retail Bank 2023 in India is ICIC

5 min read

  • The winning bank maintained its growth with a balanced approach to strategic focus in 2022. It prioritised core operating profit within the guardrails of risk and compliance. Core operating profit grew by 22% during fiscal 2022, mainly by targeting market segments.
  • The Bank also continued to strengthen its position in the digital payments ecosystem by designing seamless journeys for customers, facilitating higher volumes of transactions and prompting recurrent digital transactions.
  • The bank’s open architecture-based mobile application for individuals, iMobile Pay, provides seamless transaction features. There have been 6.3 million activations of iMobile Pay by non-ICICI Bank account holders as of 2022.
  • For strategically building platforms and offering seamless journeys to customers, the Best Retail Bank in India is ICICI.


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