Wednesday, 28 September 2022

US records highest single-day coronavirus death toll

The United States has recorded 2,228 new deaths on Tuesday, 14 April, marking the largest single-day increase in the country’s COVID-19 death toll. The new fatalities have brought the total to at least 28,300. Over 600,000 cases of coronavirus infection have been reported as of yesterday, a figure that is thrice more than any other country in the world.

Tuesday’s death toll surpasses the previous single-day record of 2,069 deaths on Friday, 10 April.

Amid the rising number of infections and deaths, many officials are debating when and how the country can reopen its economy and gradually ease restrictions. Initially, President Donald Trump suggested restarting the economy on 1 May, but this is a date that his top adviser on infectious diseases called “overly optimistic.”

Some governors, including Governor Andrew Cuomo of COVID-19 hotspot New York, have been working on a plan to start easing restrictions in their respective states. Apart from Cuomo, six other governors from northeastern states have begun planning a regional strategy for this lifting of restrictions. The governors of Oregon, Washington and California have also adopted a similar regional approach. 

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