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Bank of Ayudhya wins Best CRM Implementation Award for improving customer interactions through innovative platform

By The Asian Banker

  • Bank of Ayudhya implemented a discovery prototype for its Customer 360 platform
  • Customer’s real-time data is captured in ‘Next Best Action’ offer
  • The bank sees growth in new accounts and sales volume

28 October 2020, Singapore – Bank of Ayudhya was awarded Best CRM Implementation at the Financial Technology Innovation Awards 2020 presented by The Asian Banker.

Bank of Ayudhya implemented a discovery prototype in its Customer 360 platform

The bank’s discovery prototype approach in implementing its Customer 360 platform helped the bank identify over 200 business sub-requirements, more than 250 service categories, and over 150 integrations to its legacy systems. The bank created 14 use cases in customer journey, including card applications, sales, marketing analytics and campaigns.

Customer’s real-time data is captured in ‘Next Best Action’ offer

Customer data from touch point is captured through life cycle with real-time data synchronisation. All related data and customer transactions are stored in one database for proper analytics. This enables all channels to have a single common view of end-to-end customer journey in ‘Next Best Action’ offer.

The bank sees growth in new accounts and sales volume

The Customer 360 platform is expected to drive the bank’s ‘Next Best Action’ offer in both marketing campaign and customer services. The increase in new card holder accounts and existing card holders’ higher spending volume are seen to improve the bank’s income. The bank also expects cost savings from IT maintenance and workforce headcount, as well as enhanced customer experience measured through reduction in customer complaints and increased customer satisfaction.

Bank of Ayudhya’s Kirataya Sudsriwilai, assistant vice president, Business Transformation, in accepting the award said, “It is an honour for me and for our organisation to receive an award. This will always remind us to keep on working to serve the best to the customer”.  

For video of the Financial Technology Innovation Awards 2020 Virtual Ceremony, please click here.

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