Tuesday, 3 October 2023

Hang Seng alerts customers against phishing email and fraudulent website

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Hang Seng Bank (Hang Seng) alerts customers to be vigilant against recent phishing emails that prompt recipients to enter personal or account details through the fraudulent website which displays the bank’s logo.

The bank would like to inform members of the public that it has no connection with these phishing emails and fraudulent websites. Hang Seng will not ask customers to log in to their personal e-Banking page or to provide personal information such as their HKID number, e-Banking login credentials, credit card credentials, one-time passwords, email address and password through embedded links, instant messaging apps or similar channels.

Members of the public should not access any links when they receive phishing SMS messages and emails related to this fraudulent website and should not disclose any personal or other information to the site.

Hang Seng’s official website in Hong Kong is www.hangseng.com and that of Hang Seng Bank (China) is www.hangseng.com.cn. Customers are reminded to access the bank’s website by typing the official website address into the address bar of their web browser.

If customers are suspicious of any emails, SMS messages or websites claiming to be from Hang Seng Bank, they are advised to forward it to [email protected] and delete it afterwards.

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