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GXBank launches Impian GIGih for financial inclusion and literacy

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GX Bank Berhad (GXBank) unveiled Impian GIGih, a manifestation of the bank’s brand purpose to drive financial inclusion and literacy to empower the underserved segment.

Pei Si Lai, CEO of GXBank shared that the bank’s mission for financial inclusion has been ingrained in its ethos and operations since inception.

Pei Si said: “As a Malaysian digital bank, we have our bank rooted in our mission to be purpose-driven. Reflecting on our first 100 days of operation, we are humbled and inspired by the support of Malaysians and our partners. As we introduce new products and enhancements like our QR pay and the GX app in BM, we are also moving ahead to do what we were made for - serving the underserved.”

Echoing Pei Si, Hildah Hamzah, chief of staff, elaborated on the principles driving the heart of the bank. “We want to help Malaysians grow and thrive through customised financial services. We will do so leveraging technology to identify and solve their unmet financial pain points. Ultimately, we want to be that bridge for the underserved; paving a path and supporting their journey to achieve their financial goals.”

Impian GIGih aptly reflects GXBank’s steadfast commitment to fortifying Malaysia’s financial resilience, in anticipation of future economic demands. With a focus on gig workers and the B40 segment, the bank will leverage the power of tech and data to facilitate intergenerational social mobility by doubling down on three key foundational pillars:

• Enhancing financial well-being: Providing equitable and inclusive access to financial services tailored to their needs
• Ensuring educational accessibility: Alleviating the cost of education of their children so they can further themselves without worries
• Promoting financial literacy: Empowering Malaysians to make more informed financial decisions and planning for themselves and their families.

Therefore, Impian GIGih’s timely pilot effort took place at the end of February just as parents were busy preparing for the first day of school. Together with pioneering partners, MYDIN and GoBarakah, GXBank distributed physical and virtual bursaries to those that needed it the most. 500 back-to-school kits were distributed to children of B40 parents and Grab drivers in Kelantan and Johor Bahru respectively.

To extend its virtual support, the bank is collaborating with GoBarakah to provide e-vouchers to registered beneficiaries via the platform, which can be used to purchase school essentials year-round at selected vendors nationwide.

Given the nation’s economic landscape and volatile job market in certain industries, many aged 25 to 44 have resorted to gig work, either as a stepping stone or a permanent solution. Fluctuating income, barriers in current banking processes and the lack of social protection and financial support by most gig platforms, often leaves gig workers financially vulnerable. Layered on the rising cost of living and education, this impedes their ability to financially plan for themselves, their household and their children’s educational needs.

GXBank plans to expand its back-to-school initiatives by offering tertiary education scholarships to children of gig workers and B40 parents, recognising the transformative power of literacy to break the cycle of poverty.

“Knowledge is a powerful tool that can influence their future. Empowering them with the right information and financial products can ensure the future of their children, without the added financial burden. Leveraging the network of our like-minded partners, MYDIN and GoBarakah, this enables us to scale our efforts cohesively and sustainably,” Pei Si further added.

Bringing the bank’s purpose to life, GXBank introduced their brand video - Sepoket Impian starring Johan. The video narrates the frustrations of a father burdened by financial decisions, the unattainable dreams of a son, and how Johan steps in, reconciling their aspirations, helping them to create a new future.

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