Tuesday, 3 October 2023

Ethos Asset Management to invest $940M in Southeast Asia

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Ethos Asset Management (Ethos), a global debt financing firm headquartered in the US, will invest $940 million in the next three years in Southeast Asia (SEA).

Founded in 2012 by Carlos Santos, an economist, Ethos innovates financing models by combining a long-term return via private debt financing and a short-term return via financial trading.

With global country-and sector-specific expertise, Ethos primarily focuses on high-level projects with long-term sustainability to make an impact. Ethos believes the most impactful projects have both profit and purpose. When the right project finds the right model of financing and support, the positive impact can be felt far and wide, first and foremost, in the return on investment, but also in the jobs created and communities transformed.

Ethos is a company of investment in the form of debt that secures its positions through financial guarantees. Ethos' projects focus mainly on energy, infrastructure, and the manufacturing sector. These projects have mainly been within the private sector with two types of tickets – $10 million to $49 million and more than $50 million.

On the back of its robust success in various markets including the US, UK and Brazil, Ethos looks to SEA as a key growth region.

Much of SEA has seen tremendous economic growth in recent years. Its economy grew at an average of 6.7% every year between 2010 and 2021, twice as fast as the global average of 3%. Most of this growth has been driven by urbanisation and a booming tech sector. In fact, these industries facilitated the region to be the fastest-growing economy in the world.

Ethos has most recently shown interest in investing more than $1 billion in India for the next five years and plans to follow a similar strategy in SEA, with the first market being Thailand. To increase its reach in the region, Ethos aims for the majority concentration of its global investments to be in the SEA markets.

Santos, founder and CEO of Ethos, said:“We are extremely excited to bring our financing facilities to SEA and Hong Kong and expand our reach across this region. This is an important step towards our global purpose, with Thailand being a big first step in our business development plans in the region. We are also seeing strong potential across the region, which has observed a rapidly growing project and infrastructure financing deficit in recent years. Together with our team equipped with country- and sector-specific expertise, SEA is the perfect platform to demonstrate our impact in economics, communities, and environment.”

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