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Absa Bank Mauritius wins Best Retail Bank in Mauritius Award for providing innovative payment options to customers 2020

5 November 2020, Singapore— Absa Bank Mauritius received the award for Best Retail Bank in Mauritius at the Middle East and Africa Regional Awards Virtual Ceremony 2020 presented by The Asian Banker. 

The bank implemented an instant payment system and facilities

Absa Bank Mauritius completed its integration into the Mauritius instant payment system (MIPS). It enabled customers to have instant payment facilities with merchants and peers for low value payments at a reduced cost. During COVID-19 lockdown, the bank’s customers had access to additional mobile payment facilities by registering their Absa account on the National Telephony Company e-wallet at no charge. As a result, 323 customers have used the platform to perform 726 transactionssince its launch in April 2020.

It focused on creating long-term banking relationship built on trust

Absa Bank Mauritius shifted from a traditional sales model to a new customer service model.This new model has been implemented to address the premier relationship manager unavailability issue highlighted in past customer experience surveys. Through the new model, the bank’s customer engagement increased. The bank’s assessed and approved credit dossier also increased on a monthly basis in 2019 compared to 2018.

The bank saw a significant reduction in customer complaints and an increase in cross selling opportunities

Absa Bank Mauritius witnessed a better customer experience feedback through a net promoter score (NPS) survey. The results were encouraging as it showed growth in the number of referrals from existing clients. The survey also showed a significant reduction in complaints pertaining to customer experience while cross selling opportunities significantly increased.

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