Thursday, 28 September 2023

$10 commemorative coin highlights Lee Kuan Yew's 100th birth anniversary

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The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) announced that all successful applicants for the Lee Kuan Yew (LKY100) coin will be allotted the full quantity requested.

MAS has minted a total of 4 million LKY100 coins. This will meet the demand received from over 700,000 applications for 3.3 million coins during the online application exercise, with the remaining available for general exchange later.

Successful applicants should take note of the following dates:

a) 21 August – 30 September: Each applicant will receive an SMS from MAS within this window, indicating the number of coins they have been allotted, and a two-week collection period and bank branch from which to collect the coins.
b) 4 September – 26 November: Each applicant will be allocated a two-week collection period within this window to collect their coins at their designated bank branch.
c) 27 November – 3 December: Applicants who are unable to collect their coins during their allocated two-week collection period can do so at their designated bank branch during this window.

Successful applicants should also take note of the following:

a) Adhere to your allocated collection period and designated bank branch.
b) Check the bank’s website for the operating hours of your designated bank.
c) Bring along your NRIC/birth certificate and the SMS notification sent by MAS.
d) Payment of $10 per coin is to be made at the designated bank branch upon collection.
e) Collection can be done on your behalf during your allocated two-week collection period and at your designated bank branch by providing a copy of your NRIC/birth certificate, and a screenshot of the SMS notification sent by MAS.
f) All SMS notifications from MAS for the LKY100 coin will not contain any clickable URL link nor ask for any upfront payment.
g) To avoid overcrowding at the bank branches, please do not rush to the banks during the first few days of your allocated collection period.

From 4 December, all uncollected and remaining coins will be available to the general public, including non-Singaporeans, at selected bank branches. More details will be provided in November 2023.

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