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The Strongest Banks Rankings

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In this year’s The Asian Banker Strongest Banks By Balance Sheet evaluation, Bank of China (Hong Kong) retained strongest bank ranking in Asia Pacific despite the lowest score in five years. The bank excelled in the areas of scale, risk profile, asset quality and liquidity. The strongest bank in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam ranked among the top 30 strongest banks in Asia Pacific. This is based on a detailed and transparent scorecard that evaluates commercial banks and financial holding companies (banks) on six areas of balance sheet financial performance, namely the ability to scale, balance sheet growth, risk profile, profitability, asset quality and liquidity.

Overall, the weighted average strength scores of Hong Kong and Singapore banks remained the highest in the region in this year’s AB500 Strongest Banks evaluation, at 3.84 and 3.66 out of 5 respectively. Meanwhile, banks in Thailand, China, South Korea and Malaysia also achieved higher strength scores than the average of the 500 largest banks in Asia Pacific, at 3.24 out of 5.

The average gross non-performing loan (NPL) ratio rose only moderately to 1.62% from 1.53%, as the COVID-related relief measures have led to the deferred recognition of problem loans. Banks in Indonesia and the Philippines saw average gross NPL ratio deteriorate the most in 2020. On average, banks in South Korea, Macau, Australia, Taiwan and Hong Kong achieved the highest score in asset quality, while banks in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Brunei and India underperformed. The asset quality of the Indian banking sector improved slightly, with average gross NPL ratio of Indian banks on the AB500 list down to 7.5% at the end of March 2021, from 7.9% a year ago.

Banks in Australia, Bangladesh, Japan and South Korea achieved the lowest average score in profitability. On the contrary, banks in Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Macau, Pakistan, the Philippines and Vietnam had a good showing in profitability. The overall profitability of the Asia Pacific banking sector weakened in 2020, primarily due to the compressed net interest margins and the rise in loan loss provisions. On average, the return on assets (ROA) of banks on the AB500 list was down from 0.73% in 2019 to 0.64% in 2020. Banks in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand recorded the biggest drop in ROA. Average ROA of Indian banks reached 0.67%, increasing from 0.29% in the previous year, bolstered by trading profits on bond portfolios that banks booked after the cut in policy rates, along with lower credit provisions.

Most banks maintained solid capital and liquidity positions despite the pandemic. The average capital adequacy ratio (CAR) of banks in Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Pakistan and Thailand were above 18%, while CAR in Vietnam and Bangladesh were considerably lower than that in other markets. Overall, banks in Brunei, Hong Kong, Japan, Kazakhstan and Pakistan remained highly liquid, as evidenced by the liquid assets to total deposits and borrowing ratio of over 50%. Banks in the Philippines, Pakistan and Bangladesh recorded improvements in liquidity, while banks in Sri Lanka had the lowest liquid assets to total deposits and borrowing ratio at 14%.

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Strength Rank 2021 AB 500 Rank 2021 Bank Country / Territory Assets/GDP YoY Growth in Loans YoY Growth in Deposits Loan to Deposit Ratio Capital Adequacy Ratio YoY Growth in Operating Profit Return on Asset Cost to Income Ratio Non-interest Income/Total Operating Income Loan Loss Reserves / Gross NPLs Gross Non-Performing Loan Ratio Liquid Assets / Total Deposits and Borrowings Aggregate Strength Score 2021
Score (17.5%) Score (2.5%) Score (2.5%) Score (7.5%) Score (12.5%) Score (5.0%) Score (7.5%) Score (7.5%) Score (7.5%) Score (12.5%) Score (12.5%) Score (5.0%)
132Bank of China (Hong Kong) Hong Kong5.
213HSBC Hong Kong5.
35Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupJapan5.
446Hang Seng Bank Hong Kong5.
528DBS Group Singapore5.
585Public Bank Malaysia4.
7296Tai Fung Bank Macau5.
8198Bank of Communications (Hong Kong) Hong Kong2.
92China Construction Bank China4.
934OCBC BankSingapore5.
940Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Hong Kong5.
121Industrial and Commercial Bank of ChinaChina4.
12155DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Hong Kong3.
144Bank of China China4.
1578Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Hong Kong4.
15186Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Macau)Macau5.
17195CMB Wing Lung Bank Hong Kong2.
186Sumitomo Mitsui Financial GroupJapan5.
1983Cathay United Bank Taiwan3.
19165Hong Leong Financial Group Malaysia3.
19271Shanghai Commercial Bank Hong Kong1.
22276Luso International Banking Macau5.
233Agricultural Bank of China China4.
248Japan Post BankJapan5.
2419Commonwealth Bank of AustraliaAustralia5.
24425King's Town Bank Taiwan0.
2833Hana Financial GroupSouth Korea4.
2873Bangkok Bank Thailand4.
31149Nanyang Commercial Bank Hong Kong3.
3339United Overseas Bank Singapore5.
33483First Heartland Jusan BankKazakhstan0.
3591Siam Commercial Bank Thailand4.
3625KB Financial GroupSouth Korea4.
36117Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Singapore4.
387Mizuho Financial GroupJapan5.
3918Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Australia5.
3953Bank of Taiwan Taiwan4.
3999E.SUN Commercial Bank Taiwan2.
39454Meezan Bank Pakistan0.
4363CTBC Bank Taiwan4.
43124Bank Central AsiaIndonesia1.
43228Citibank (Hong Kong) Hong Kong1.
4688Krung Thai Bank Thailand4.
4781Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Taiwan3.
48 75Mega International Commercial Bank Taiwan3.
50301Halyk BankKazakhstan2.
5111China Merchants Bank China1.
5126Shinhan Financial GroupSouth Korea4.
51325BIMB Holdings Malaysia1.
51332Chiyu Banking Corporation Hong Kong1.
55472KEB Hana Bank (China) China0.
56366Bank of Baoding China0.
57159China Construction Bank (Asia) Hong Kong3.
57184Metropolitan Bank & Trust CompanyThe Philippines2.
57400Bank of Fushun China0.
57475Bank Mega Indonesia0.
6177First Commercial Bank Taiwan3.
61126Shanghai Commercial & Savings BankTaiwan1.
63303Bank of Chengde China0.
6430NongHyup Financial GroupSouth Korea4.
6442Bank of NingboChina0.
6484Bank of East Asia Hong Kong4.
64383Ningbo Cixi Jianxin Rural Bank China0.
68127Bank of New ZealandNew Zealand5.
68130Bank SinoPacTaiwan1.
70469Yibin City Commercial Bank China0.
71353Jiangsu Kunshan Rural Commercial Bank China0.
72113Bank of Ayudhya Thailand3.
72244Guangdong Nanhai Rural Commercial Bank China0.
72455Bank AL HabibPakistan0.
75335Zhejiang Hangzhou Yuhang Rural Commercial Bank China0.
76182Yuanta Commercial Bank Taiwan1.
77404Zhejiang Yiwu Rural Commercial Bank China0.
7923Westpac Banking CorporationAustralia5.
79103Bank of Chengdu China0.
81259Zhejiang Xiaoshan Rural Commercial Bank China0.
81323China Banking Corporation The Philippines0.
8324National Australia Bank Australia5.
8347ICICI Bank India1.
8368CIMB Group Malaysia5.
83221Weihai City Commercial Bank China0.
83389Bank OCBC NISP Indonesia0.
83435Seven Bank Japan0.
89496Xinjiang Huihe BankChina0.
9080ANZ Bank New Zealand New Zealand5.
90139RHB Bank Malaysia3.
90258HSBC IndiaIndia0.
90302Bank of Shangrao China0.
90354Bank of Qinhuangdao China0.
90447Allied Bank Pakistan0.
96215Bank of TaizhouChina0.
96218Zhejiang Chouzhou Commercial Bank China0.
96237Citibank SingaporeSingapore1.
96350National Bank of PakistanPakistan1.
10045Bank of NanjingChina0.
100118Dongguan Rural Commercial Bank China0.
100136Westpac New Zealand New Zealand4.
100264Citibank (China)China0.
100420MCB Bank Pakistan0.
100430Jiangsu Suning BankChina0.
107269Maybank Singapore Singapore1.
107343Mianyang City Commercial BankChina0.
107485Subsidiary Bank Sberbank of Russia Kazakhstan0.
11038Industrial Bank of KoreaSouth Korea3.
11044HDFC Bank India1.
110299Foshan Rural Commercial Bank China0.
110491Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam Brunei5.
114163Bank of Suzhou China0.
114174Qilu Bank China0.
11671Taiwan Cooperative BankTaiwan3.
116128Taishin International Bank Taiwan1.
118101Bank Mandiri Indonesia1.
118211Xiamen BankChina0.
118380Bank of Jiaxing China0.
12154Bank of Hangzhou China0.
121266Chong Hing Bank Hong Kong1.
121283Wuxi Rural Commercial BankChina0.
121312Bank of Shaoxing China0.
121432BNP Paribas (China) China0.
121461Zhejiang Wenzhou Longwan Rural Commercial BankChina0.
127134BDO Unibank The Philippines3.
127246Bank of GanzhouChina0.
127345Asia Commercial BankVietnam1.
127411Hebei Tangshan Rural Commercial Bank China0.
13136Woori Financial GroupSouth Korea4.
131226Zhejiang Tailong Commercial Bank China0.
131261Bank of Tangshan China0.
131309Habib Bank Pakistan1.
13560Shanghai Rural Commercial BankChina0.
135223OCBC Wing Hang Bank Hong Kong1.
135318Zhongshan Rural Commercial bank China0.
135368Jiangmen Rural Commercial Bank China0.
13914Industrial Bank China1.
13965Beijing Rural Commercial Bank China0.
139205Bank of The Philippine IslandsThe Philippines1.
142138Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural DevelopmentVietnam4.
1439Postal Savings Bank of China China1.
14395Bank of Changsha China0.
143110Bank of Guiyang China0.
143132Bank of Qingdao China0.
143137ASB BankNew Zealand4.
143175Bank of Kunlun China0.
143188Guangdong Huaxing BankChina0.
143204Guangxi Beibu Gulf Bank China0.
143235Chongqing Three Gorges BankChina0.
15210Bank of Communications China1.
15296Hua Nan Commercial BankTaiwan2.
152162TMBThanachart Bank Thailand1.
152326Jiangsu Suzhou Rural Commercial Bank China0.
152402Security Bank The Philippines0.
152473Bank UOB IndonesiaIndonesia0.
152494Banco Nacional UltramarinoMacau4.
159105Bank of Guangzhou China0.
159287Bank of Weifang China0.
159474Bank HSBC IndonesiaIndonesia0.
162328Military Commercial BankVietnam1.
16356Chongqing Rural Commercial BankChina0.
163236China Resources Bank of Zhuhai China0.
163288Bank of Urumqi China0.
163339Xiamen Rural Commercial Bank China0.
163382Panin BankIndonesia0.
163418Kiatnakin Phatra Bank Thailand0.
163458OCBC Wing Hang Bank (China) China0.
163466Zhejiang Nanxun Rural Commercial Bank China0.
17122State Bank of IndiaIndia4.
17137Bank of Jiangsu China0.
171187China CITIC Bank International Hong Kong2.
171255United Overseas Bank (Malaysia) Malaysia1.
171434Jiangsu Hai'an Rural Commercial Bank China0.
171451Zhuhai Rural Commercial Bank China0.
171463Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Thai) Thailand0.
178156Qingdao Rural Commercial Bank China0.
178260Agricultural Bank of Taiwan Taiwan0.
18017China Everbright Bank China0.
180114HSBC Bank (China) China0.
180279KGI Bank Taiwan0.
180319Jiangsu Zhangjiagang Rural Commercial Bank China0.
180320Nanyang Commercial Bank (China)China0.
180356Luzhou BankChina0.
18612Shanghai Pudong Development Bank China1.
186208Standard Chartered Bank (China) China0.
186239Bank of Langfang China0.
186252Bank of RizhaoChina0.
186340Zhejiang Shaoxing RuiFeng Rural Commercial Bank China0.
186371LinShang BankChina0.
19235Bank of ShanghaiChina0.
192121Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Taiwan1.
192247Jiangsu Zijin Rural Commercial Bank China0.
192361Fubon Bank (China) China0.
192460TISCO Financial Group Thailand0.
192488National Savings BankSri Lanka1.
19870Xiamen International BankChina0.
198107Government Savings BankThailand3.
198153Bank of DongguanChina0.
198250Dah Sing Financial Holdings Hong Kong1.
198410Bank of Taian China0.
198482Rural Commercial Bank of FuzhouChina0.
204465Tien Phong Commercial BankVietnam0.
205135Bank of Guizhou China0.
205166Rakuten Bank Japan0.
205202Bank of Xi'an China0.
205280Fujian Haixia Bank China0.
205321Jiangsu Jiangyin Rural Commercial Bank China0.
205445Citibank MalaysiaMalaysia0.
205476Land and Houses Bank Thailand0.
21220Ping An Bank China0.
212115Bank of Chongqing China0.
212254Jiangsu Changshu Rural Commercial Bank China0.
212372Ningbo Commerce Bank China0.
212417PayPay Bank Japan0.
21752Huishang Bank China0.
217220AMMB Holdings Malaysia1.
217316Changsha Rural Commercial Bank China0.
217395Bank Permata Indonesia0.
217397United Bank Pakistan0.
22215China CITIC Bank China1.
222173Bank of LanzhouChina0.
222178Aozora Bank Japan0.
222185Wuhan Rural Commercial BankChina0.
222306Far Eastern International Bank Taiwan0.
222378Union Bank of the PhilippinesThe Philippines0.
22841China Zheshang Bank China0.
228206Hangzhou United Rural Commercial BankChina0.
228232Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Taiwan0.
228337O-Bank Taiwan0.
228341Bank of Quanzhou China0.
233119Bank of Zhengzhou China0.
233125Standard Chartered Bank KoreaSouth Korea0.
235285Union Bank of Taiwan Taiwan0.
235294Standard Chartered Bank (Taiwan) Taiwan0.
235456Commercial Bank of Ceylon Sri Lanka1.
235470Jiangsu Qidong Rural Commercial Bank China0.
23993Bank Rakyat Indonesia Indonesia1.
239145Kotak Mahindra Bank India0.
239154Bank of Jiujiang China0.
239168Guilin Bank China0.
239263Citibank TaiwanTaiwan0.
239311Laishang Bank China0.
239363Guiyang Rural Commercial Bank China0.
239436Nanchang Rural Commercial BankChina0.
24758Macquarie Bank Australia1.
247192Daiwa Next BankJapan0.
247203Hubei Bank China0.
250176Tianjin Rural Commercial BankChina0.
250322Sunny BankTaiwan0.
250406Bank of HuzhouChina0.
250468Bank Alfalah Pakistan0.
25416China Minsheng Banking CorporationChina1.
25429China Guangfa Bank China0.
25457Hengfeng BankChina0.
25487Land Bank of Taiwan Taiwan2.
254274Zhejiang Mintai Commercial Bank China0.
254414United Overseas Bank (China) China0.
254457Qujing City Commercial Bank China0.
26198Bank of TianjinChina0.
261122Chengdu Rural Commercial BankChina0.
261172Guangdong Shunde Rural Commercial Bank China0.
261217Citibank KoreaSouth Korea0.
261219Jinshang Bank China0.
261305HSBC Bank (Taiwan) Taiwan0.
26766Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank China0.
267133Jiangxi Bank China0.
267210Bank of Wenzhou China0.
267499Wuhu Yangzi Rural Commercial Bank China0.
271441SBI Savings BankSouth Korea0.
272151Bank Negara Indonesia Indonesia0.
272347Bank of Jining China0.
274233Guangdong Nanyue Bank China0.
274286Bank of MaharashtraIndia0.
274293Bank of Liuzhou China0.
274330Haikou Rural Commercial BankChina0.
278148Bank for Investment and Development of VietnamVietnam4.
278399Ho Chi Minh City Development BankVietnam0.
280116Indian BankIndia0.
280336DBS Bank (China) China0.
280370Bank of Qinghai China0.
28372Axis BankIndia0.
283338Bank CIMB NiagaIndonesia0.
283365Great Wall West China Bank China0.
283391Alliance Bank Malaysia Malaysia0.
283403Bank of Zigong China0.
283498Bank of PunjabPakistan0.
28962Canara BankIndia1.
289109Harbin BankChina0.
289157Huarong Xiangjiang BankChina0.
289197Chang'an BankChina0.
289212LongJiang Bank China0.
289213Bank of Zhangjiakou China0.
289310Standard Chartered Bank IndiaIndia0.
289344Leshan City Commercial Bank China0.
289362Yantai Bank China0.
298161Bank of Hebei China0.
298375Bank of CeylonSri Lanka3.
298444Bank BJBIndonesia0.
298471East West Banking CorporationThe Philippines0.
302143Jiangsu Jiangnan Rural Commercial Bank China0.
302214Bank of LuoyangChina0.
30455Punjab National BankIndia1.
304142Hankou Bank China0.
304490Hatton National Bank Sri Lanka1.
30748China Bohai Bank China0.
307129DGB Financial Group South Korea0.
307392Fubon Bank (Hong Kong) Hong Kong0.
31021Resona HoldingsJapan2.
31082Zhongyuan BankChina0.
310201Fudian Bank China0.
310230Indian Overseas BankIndia0.
310446Anhui Maanshan Rural Commercial BankChina0.
315191Hokkoku Bank Japan0.
315289Bank of Cangzhou China0.
315352Bank of Xingtai China0.
319262Jilin Jiutai Rural Commercial Bank China0.
319405Bank BTPNIndonesia0.
321295Bank of Fuxin China0.
321313OCBC Bank (Malaysia) Malaysia1.
321355Hang Seng Bank (China)China0.
321424Jiangsu Nantong Rural Commercial Bank China0.
321500Shanghai HuaRui Bank China0.
326300Bank of Ningxia China0.
32764Shengjing Bank China0.
327277Bank of HandanChina0.
327315Qi Shang Bank China0.
327329HSBC Bank (Singapore) Singapore1.
33131Bank of Beijing China0.
331100BNK Financial Group South Korea1.
331281Bank Rakyat Malaysia1.
331342Dongying Bank China0.
331360YanBian Rural Commercial Bank China0.
331381Bandhan Bank India0.
331433Bank of Shizuishan China0.
33897North Pacific BankJapan0.
338144Bank of Jilin China0.
338193IndusInd Bank India0.
338222IDBI Bank India0.
338453Jih Sun International Bank Taiwan0.
34374Shizuoka BankJapan0.
343181Bank of Gansu China0.
343291Bank Tabungan Negara Indonesia0.
343367Affin BankMalaysia0.
343393Bank Danamon Indonesia Indonesia0.
343396Citibank AustraliaAustralia0.
343452Bank of Panhsin Taiwan0.
350270Tianjin Binhai Rural Commercial Bank China0.
350348Chinese Mercantile BankChina0.
35227Hua Xia Bank China0.
35290Hachijuni BankJapan0.
352377Islami Bank Bangladesh Bangladesh0.
355439Vietnam International Commercial BankVietnam0.
355481Vietnam Maritime Commercial BankVietnam0.
357224Suhyup BankSouth Korea0.
357408People's BankSri Lanka2.
357416Standard Chartered Bank MalaysiaMalaysia0.
357492City Union Bank India0.
36169Union Bank of IndiaIndia0.
361437DBS Bank IndiaIndia0.
361495Canadia Bank Cambodia4.
364106Shinsei Bank Japan0.
364243Sichuan Tianfu Bank China0.
367278Federal BankIndia0.
367290Taichung Commercial BankTaiwan0.
367390DBS Bank (Taiwan)Taiwan0.
367398RBL Bank India0.
367448Bank of KaohsiungTaiwan0.
372379Rizal Commercial Banking CorporationThe Philippines0.
373364Saigon - Hanoi Commercial BankVietnam1.
373440LienViet Post Commercial BankVietnam0.
375464Shinhan Bank JapanJapan0.
376275Bank of East Asia (China) China0.
377426MBSB Bank Malaysia0.
378120Chugoku BankJapan0.
378431EnTie Commercial Bank Taiwan0.
380241UCO BankIndia0.
381150Bank of DalianChina0.
381358Vietnam Prosperity Commercial BankVietnam1.
383108Gunma Bank Japan0.
383194JB Financial Group South Korea0.
385373Kiwibank New Zealand1.
385412Bank Maybank IndonesiaIndonesia0.
38759Bank of BarodaIndia1.
388123Iyo Bank Japan0.
388333United Overseas Bank (Thai) Thailand0.
390131Shiga BankJapan0.
391147SBI Sumishin Net BankJapan0.
391180Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Australia0.
393209Bank of NagoyaJapan0.
394164Nanto Bank Japan0.
394169San-In Godo BankJapan0.
394394Shanxi Yaodu Rural Commercial BankChina0.
39794Yamaguchi Financial GroupJapan0.
397140Hyakugo Bank Japan0.
397160Senshu Ikeda HoldingsJapan0.
397229Yamanashi Chuo BankJapan0.
397423Karnataka Bank India0.
40289Kyushu Financial GroupJapan0.
402104Hirogin HoldingsJapan0.
402152Taiwan Business Bank Taiwan1.
40561Chiba BankJapan0.
405240Bank of IwateJapan0.
407234HSBC Bank Australia Australia0.
40811177 BankJapan0.
408216Bank of Queensland Australia0.
408401CIMB Thai Bank Thailand0.
408407First Bank of ToyamaJapan0.
412442Karur Vysya Bank India0.
41379Bank of Jinzhou China0.
413257Akita Bank Japan0.
413292Philippine National BankThe Philippines1.
413376Shimizu Bank Japan0.
417102Bank of IndiaIndia0.
417265Shikoku Bank Japan0.
417428Bank of Jinhua China0.
420480Southeast Asia Commercial BankVietnam0.
421227San ju San Financial GroupJapan0.
42250Mebuki Financial Group Japan0.
422141Ogaki Kyoritsu BankJapan0.
422238Awa BankJapan0.
42586Bank of KyotoJapan0.
425307Bank of OkinawaJapan0.
427489Heritage Bank Australia0.
428183Kiyo BankJapan0.
428272FIDEA Holdings Japan0.
428374Jammu & Kashmir Bank India0.
431248Aomori Bank Japan0.
43251Concordia Financial GroupJapan0.
432324HSBC Bank MalaysiaMalaysia1.
434158Toho Bank Japan0.
434242Oita Bank Japan0.
434256Fukui Bank Japan0.
434427Bank Simpanan Nasional Malaysia0.
434497Vietnam Export Import Commercial BankVietnam0.
439146Juroku Bank Japan0.
439317IDFC First BankIndia0.
441251Sony BankJapan0.
441273Yamagata BankJapan0.
441493Shizuoka Chuo BankJapan0.
444112Daishi Hokuetsu Financial GroupJapan0.
445231Yes BankIndia0.
44643Fukuoka Financial Group Japan0.
446189Central Bank of IndiaIndia0.
446245Aichi BankJapan0.
446438Nagano Bank Japan0.
450387Kita-Nippon BankJapan0.
451267Tochigi BankJapan0.
451334Tokyo Star Bank Japan0.
451359Sonali Bank Bangladesh0.
454351AMP Bank Australia0.
455268Chiba Kogyo BankJapan0.
455429Bank of KochiJapan0.
45767Hokuhoku Financial Group Japan0.
457190Keiyo BankJapan0.
457282Bank of SagaJapan0.
457369Saikyo BankJapan0.
457386Punjab & Sind BankIndia0.
457409South Indian Bank India0.
46392Nishi-Nippon Financial HoldingsJapan0.
463346Chukyo Bank Japan0.
465199Musashino BankJapan0.
466225TOMONY HoldingsJapan0.
466284Sai Gon Commercial BankVietnam1.
466419Tajima Bank Japan0.
469298Ehime BankJapan0.
470196Hyakujushi Bank Japan0.
471249Miyazaki BankJapan0.
471484Miyazaki Taiyo BankJapan0.
473314Towa BankJapan0.
473327Michinoku BankJapan0.
475177Tokyo Kiraboshi Financial Group Japan0.
475467Daito BankJapan0.
475479Okinawa Kaiho Bank Japan0.
478171ING Bank (Australia) Australia0.
478253Suruga BankJapan0.
478388Rabobank Australia Australia0.
478443CITIC aiBankChina0.
478459Tohoku BankJapan0.
483477Chikuho BankJapan0.
484297Bank of the Ryukyus Japan0.
485462Rabobank New Zealand New Zealand0.
485478Minami-Nippon BankJapan0.
487207Suncorp-Metway Australia0.
488304Tsukuba Bank Japan0.
489413Agrani Bank Bangladesh0.
489450Tottori BankJapan0.
491449KBZ BankMyanmar2.
492421Janata BankBangladesh0.
492422Tomato BankJapan0.
494357Dalian Rural Commercial BankChina0.
495384Taiko Bank Japan0.
495486Fukushima BankJapan0.
497308Jimoto Holdings Japan0.
498415ChangChun Rural Commercial Bank China0.
499487Rupali BankBangladesh0.
500385Bank of Huludao China0.

Notes: 5 = Highest, 0 = Lowest. *Scores are only shown to one decimal place, but rankings reflect full information.
Source: TABInsights