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The inevitable rise of the fiat cryptocurrency.

Despite concerns over the unbridled speculation that has inflated the value of cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings, many governments have embarked on cryptocurrency initiatives that may render them legal tender in the not too distant future. Meanwhile, the march away from cash and cheques continues at an unrelenting pace. And we have a lot to thank the technology disruptors such as Safaricom (MPesa), Alibaba and Tencent for. From a practical perspective, they have finally broken the barrier to access cashless payments for literally billions of people in the underdeveloped and developing economies, long neglected by the incumbent financial services industry.

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Current Publications

Issue 150A: 2017/18 Asia Pacific Leaders in Banking Technology Directory and Handbook

New technologies and business operating models continue to transform the banking space in Asia Pacific, driving players to focus more on innovation and design in order to improve operational efficiency and customer experience. In this 2017/18 edition of the Asia Pacific Leaders in Banking Technology Directory and Handbook, we are pleased to update this comprehensive guide to leading practitioners who are shaping their organisations and businesses on the regional and global fronts.

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Issue: 149A
Asia Pacific Leaders in Financial Institutions and Transaction Banking Directory 2017/18

New players and technologies continue to drive change in the transaction banking space in Asia Pacific, causing incumbent banks to focus more on improving customer experience and reviewing existing business models. In this 2017/18 edition of the Asia Pacific Leaders in Financial Institutions and Transaction Banking Directory, we are pleased to update this comprehensive guide to leading institutions and practitioners in the region, who are shaping their businesses on the regional and global fronts.

Issue: 149
The Asian Banker 500 2017-2018 Edition

The Asian Banker 500 is the financial services industry's most comprehensive annual evaluation of the strength, quality and sustainability of the balance sheets of banks in Asia Pacific. Despite the strength of their balance sheets, banks in the region continue to face massive challenges in growing profits, a conundrum created by modern capital rules. In this issue, we also speak to Renu Satti, CEO of Paytm Payments Bank, a new generation bank in India that espouses value creation by focusing on solving problems that the customer faces and designing products and services with “extreme customer focus”.

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