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The Excellence in Retail Financial Services Awards 2017

This year's Excellence in Retail Financial Services Awards programme marks the start of the transition that the industry is making from the traditional business and operating model to a digital and network-enabled customer centric proposition and documents how emerging best practice and performance in this new evolving landscape will need to be re-defined and measured

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Issue: 146
Blockchain - Moving from hype to reality

In this issue, dedicated to the Future of Finance Summit, we cast our eyes over some of the key transformative topics that are shaping the industry’s prospects. We start with an update on blockchain or distributed ledger technology, followed by interviews with Vladislav Solodkiy, founder and managing partner of Life.SREDA, a leading venture capital firm with a remarkable portfolio comprising challenger banks such as Moven, Simple and Fidor; former US congressman Barney Frank, the joint architect of the Dodd-Frank Act, on his views on the prospective wave of deregulation that is sweeping through the banking industry in the US. And finally, we speak with the founders of two leading online marketplace lending institutions, Soul Htite of China-based and Ron Suber of US-based Prosper Marketplace.

Issue: 145
How robots are changing the face of banking

In this issue, we cast our eyes on one of the technologies that will transform the face of banking: artificial intelligence and robotics. Enabled by artificial intelligence and machine learning, robots are potential game changers that can bring unique operational efficiencies to the financial services industry. See how the industry is witnessing an exponential growth in the use of robots that is rapidly moving beyond ‘early adoption’ to maturity in scale.

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