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MBBank’s branch digitisation partnering with Entrust and MK Group automates 80% of manual card issuance

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By The Asian Banker

Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank (MBBank) implemented instant card issuance through branch digitisation that resulted in cost and time savings, and increased efficiency for the bank.

  • MBBank automates debit and credit card issuance
  • MBBank reduces overall costs, especially labour expenses 
  • MBBank digitises branch services with self-service machines

Singapore, 12 August 2021 - Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank was recognised for Best Branch Digitisation Implementation in Vietnam at The Asian Banker Financial Technology Innovation Awards 2021.

Several banks in Asia Pacific have implemented innovative solutions in their branch networks and enhanced self-service capabilities that brought about significant improvements. For instance, MBBank’s digitisation achieved strong results in customer experience, branch productivity and overall cost savings. 

Customer Experience: MBBank automates debit and credit card issuance

MBBank partnered with Entrust and MK Group to automate card issuance through its banking app and the printing of physical cards at its SmartBank branches. The process is available as a fully online service for customers and allows them to access self-service banking, which shortens the issuance time for debit and credit cards. Entrust provides the issuance systems and software solutions, while MK Group manages the on-the-ground operations and oversees the project.

Business Impact: MBBank reduces overall costs, especially labour expenses 

MBBank’s digitisation project has increased processing efficiency and staff productivity. Account opening time has been reduced from 30 minutes to only three minutes. The full automation and self-service capabilities improved the bank’s efficiency. About 2,500 cards are issued per day and 80% of manual issuance are automated. Beyond the introduction of near real-time card issuance, the branch digitisation also improves the automation of sales fulfilment, account opening as well as the processing of deposits and remittances transactions by moving them to the MBBank App and SmartBank machines.

Technology and Innovation: MBBank digitises branch services with self-service machines

MBBank digitises its branch services with self-service machines that are proven to be efficient and time-saving. It helps customers to reduce human interaction during the pandemic. 

The bank limits the number of cards that each customer can print to minimise time spent at the branch and to mitigate the risk of prolonged social contact. Customers must activate and set personal identification number on the app before they can use it at automated teller machines and point of sales.  

At the moment, many banks in Vietnam are considering moving towards branch digitisation following MBBank’s lead. Their services have been developed based on a combination of internet and mobile banking platforms to provide a unified experience for customers.  

About the Financial Technology Innovation Awards

The Asian Banker Financial Technology Innovation Awards Programme, refereed by prominent global bankers, IT consultants and academics, provides an undisputed benchmark of technology implementation in an increasingly fierce marketplace. A stringent three-month-long evaluation process determines the awardees from across Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa. The awardees are honoured in a gala event that recognises their efforts in using the best technology to run their institutions and bring superior products and services to their customers. 

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