Saturday, 20 April 2024

Fils partners with Telr to drive sustainability in finance and payments

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Fils, an ESG-focused fintech, has partnered with Telr, an online payment gateway, to help businesses measure and mitigate their environmental impact.

Fils is collaborating with Telr to integrate its end-to-end sustainable infrastructure to make finance and payments more sustainable and transparent. By Integrating Fils Technology, Telr will enable merchants to track their emissions and access voluntary carbon markets to mitigate the emissions’ harm to the environment. They will also be able to demonstrate their positive impact on the environment with robust reporting functionality, reduced greenwashing, and the encouragement of businesses to invest in sustainable initiatives through Fils’ marketplace.

The new capability adds to Telr's existing suite of services, aiming to elevate e-commerce businesses seamlessly and efficiently with a one-stop-shop philosophy. This encompasses a variety of financial and business services, ranging from social commerce and QR codes to digital invoicing, Telr buy now pay later (BNPL), and Telr Finance—a dedicated programme for merchant financing.

Nameer Khan, CEO and founder of Fils, said: “Today’s exciting partnership with Telr will make a real impact in tackling the issues of climate change, providing access to carbon markets via our robust and transparent infrastructure. Our technology-first approach to sustainable action enables SMEs, large corporates and other organisations to seamlessly embed sustainability throughout their global operations.”

Telr, the UAE-based award-winning payment gateway solutions provider, facilitates transactions in over 30 currencies and supports over 120 languages. Telr, as a leading payments aggregator, enables businesses to connect to all payment schemes and manage financial and business services as a one-stop shop for e-commerce solutions. Telr’s collaboration with Fils will enable organisations to track and mitigate emissions seamlessly, increasing the sustainability of payment operations across the globe.

Khalil Alami, founder and CEO of Telr, said: "This partnership underscores our unwavering dedication to driving sustainable finance. By leveraging Telr’s expertise and partnering with exceptional entities like Fils, we aim to reshape transactions.” Alami added: “This effort promotes a more sustainable economy, empowering our merchants with access to emissions calculators to monitor their carbon footprint and emissions-reduction tools. These initiatives align with the 'Net Zero by 2050' strategy and are synchronised with COP28, highlighting our commitment to a brighter, more sustainable future.”

Fils’s alliance with Telr builds on an impressive year of high-profile partnerships for the fintech company, with clients such as e& enterprise, Magnati, Mashreq Bank, Flowcarbon and AFS.

Based in Dubai and London, Fils is a groundbreaking fintech applying a technology-first approach to sustainable action. Fils has created a game-changing digital ecosystem connecting payment infrastructure, organisations, and impact makers to increase the scalability of their sustainability practices.

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