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eWise launches its new Aegis product at Finovate Europe

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London - eWise,, a leading international provider of personal data management solutions, is launching its new product Aegis, the consumer-centric data management platform, at Finovate Europe.

eWise developed the Aegis product in response to tremendous market demand for secure and consent based access to personal financial data. With heightened regulatory and social pressure on personal data privacy and personal data management, financial institutions and digital innovators are looking for technology solutions that can provide their end-users with full control and privacy over their personal data and let them decide who they share data with and for what purpose.

“The personal data economy is set to become a €1 trillion marketplace across Europe by 2020,” says Alex Grinberg, Founder and Head of Business Development at eWise. “The economic value of personal data is increasingly recognised by both organisations and the consumers they serve. The eWise Aegis solution is designed to put the consumer at the centre of their personal financial data and enable them to participate in a more symmetrical value exchange with their favourite service providers.”

The Aegis solution incorporates eWise’s patented “client-side” aggregation technology allowing users to gather, store, manage and share their personal data, all on their own device. eWise has integrated the Aegis personal data platform into its award-winning Money Manager offering, a unique white-label Personal Financial Management solution.

eWise will demonstrate the Aegis product at this years Finovate Europe Edition conference.

Finovate conferences, since 2007, have showcased cutting-edge banking and financial technology in a unique demo-only format.

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